Transform your business with these 4 technological advancements


Technology is quickly transforming the way people live and work. Companies, in particular, have a unique opportunity to take advantage of these emerging technological advancements to change their business for the better.

From catapulting struggling startups into success to increasing efficiency in Fortune 500 corporations, technology — alongside sound business practices — has the ability to improve productivity, customer service and even employee satisfaction.

Here are four technological advancements that have transformed your business for the better.

The Cloud

technological advancements cloud computing
Cloud computing allows companies to securely store and access information from various locations.

Cloud computing is the most efficient way to run a business from virtually anywhere. The Cloud allows companies to store all of their information on the Internet rather than on a hard drive or via a virtual private network (VPN).

Once a company’s data is moved to the Cloud, employees can access information and conduct business well beyond the walls of their office. This not only helps limit the need for expensive physical office space; it also encourages productivity in staff by allowing them to work whenever and wherever they wish.

Additional benefits to cloud-based processing include more streamlined internal data, more effective collaboration tools between employees no matter their location and more overall alignment throughout the entire company.


Cybersecurity is of utmost importance and should not be overlooked by managers. Cybercriminals are genuine threats to companies as they are determined to find weaknesses in your company’s security.

As cyber-attacks continue, your business — and the global economy — suffers. This is why it is imperative to choose the best security systems when setting up your storage and communication operations. It is critical to operating your business and to protecting client information.

Consider hiring the best talent in IT. They will be able to oversee all of your tech needs, from monitoring your electric transformers to employing layered security models on the Cloud. They will also stay up to date on the latest cybersecurity trends to further protect you from future threats.

Artificial Intelligence

technological advancements artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence is promptly becoming the technological forerunner in client engagement.

Artificial intelligence does not necessarily mean handing over work to robot assistants. (Though there have actually been retail stores that have done so with great success.)

Rather, artificial intelligence is promptly becoming the technological forerunner in client engagement. It has the power to streamline the online client experience while also better customizing their interaction so that they become more loyal to your brand.

A very basic example of such technology is a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant has the capacity to answer customer questions in real-time through the website, compile data to reveal emerging sales trends and even anticipate a customer’s needs and put them in touch with the most appropriate person to handle the request at hand.

Wearable Tech

As the digital age blossoms and grow, customers expect an exponential amount of consistent and easily digestible digital content. One of the fastest ways to produce such content is by adopting wearable technology into your everyday business.

Wearable cameras can do everything from shoot employee training videos to provide customers with a behind-the-scenes sneak peek into the company’s goings-on. It offers transparency and builds trust between you and the client.

Another perk of wearable tech is its benefit to both managers and employees. Managers can use it to monitor their staff’s wellbeing and adopt internal wellness initiatives to keep their employees happy and healthy.

Alternatively, it can also be used to track staff productivity and even live stream such otherwise arduous tasks as site inspections, descriptive reports and challenging issues in the field in need of troubleshooting.

While it can be difficult to stay on top of all of the latest tech trends, it is a necessary pursuit. Technology is quickly reshaping industries and challenging companies of all sizes to evolve their business practices to stay afloat in the digital age. Technology might be an expensive investment at first, but the payout will undoubtedly be worth it for your employees, customers, and business.

What do you think about businesses transforming themselves with the technological advancements above? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook, or MeWe.


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