Focal announces Clear Mg, a new pair of luxury headphones


Luxury headphones, these things aren’t cheap, nor are they for everyone. On a personal level, I probably would never actually purchase luxury headphones because of the cost issue. But I have had the opportunity to test and use luxury headphones like Focal’s latest Clear Mg.

Focal’s luxury headphones are some of the best on the market and the company has crafted its business around the needs and wants of the audiophile. The company says the Clear Mg not only offers “sophisticated” finishes but the sound reproduction rivals that of its predecessor.

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Here’s a rundown of the Clear Mg specifications and features as provided by Focal:

  • Clear Mg is an upgrade of Clear, and the goal was to go further in terms of sound, bringing more dynamic and more details, with a brand-new design, at the same price of $1490.
  • Focal has preserved the neutral sound signature that was so popular in the Clear.  
  • More than three years of research led Focal to new material for the dome: magnesium. This new alloy which – combined with the dome’s ‘M’ shape – gives the headphones even greater lightness, rigidity, and damping: the three success factors for any speaker/headphone driver.
  • The light and flexible surround also provides better dynamics and greater bass impact. The sound reproduction is even finer, with even greater precision and impact, creating a strikingly realistic sound.
  • The new grille has a honeycomb ‘M’-shaped design that more closely follows the curves of the driver. The more open design allows for a wider soundstage, while the reduced space between the driver and grille enables even more precise high-frequency reproduction.
  • Perforated microfiber earpads offer enhanced sonic transparency – and enhanced comfort.
  • Made in France from fine materials: leather; aluminum; premium microfiber.
  • Chestnut tones with metal accents.
  • Matching protective storage/carry case.
  • MSRP $1,490

After four years of research and development, the engineers at Focal have designed a Magnesium dome for the Clear Mg speaker drivers. This new alloy, combined with an ‘M’-shaped dome, contributes to even more lightness, rigidity and damping, the three success factors for a speaker driver.

The sound reproduction is fine, precise, and impactful, for a strikingly realist sound. Combined with an amplifier/DAC, Clear Mg headphones display impressive performance. Thanks to an impedance of 55 Ohms, they can also be used without compromise with a portable audio player. The St. Étienne brand first positioned itself on the global market of Hi-Fi headphones in 2016. This unique savoir-faire, combined with French manufacturing mastered in its own workshops, has led Focal to be recognized by the French state as a Living Heritage Company (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant).

In developing its products, Focal places design and materials at the forefront in its mission to create the ultimate sound and listening comfort. The solid aluminum yoke has been developed to perfectly mold to the face, the headband covered in genuine leather and microfiber offers a constant curve, no matter which way the head turns, and the perforated microfiber earpads result in enhanced opening and comfort. The outside of the earpads boasts a sophisticated honeycomb pattern: an elegance contributed to by the brand-new Chestnut and Mixed-Metals finish which blend classic and modern looks. For a perfect package, the carrying case has been woven in colors to match the headphones.


You can check out the new Focal Clear Mg and all of Focal’s luxury headphones on their website. The Clear Mg will be available this month for US$1,490.

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