Infographic: Eminent domain, what is it, and what are your rights?


While many of us may understand what Eminent Domain is, the proceedings of it are often unclear.  When the government claims they need your property and you have no choice but to give it to them, what happens?

In Kentucky, the eminent domain process separates the complicated proceedings into four basic steps. 

First, the owner of the property will receive a letter in the mail notifying them of the intent to seize the property.  This step is very similar to the steps of foreclosure, except that in this situation the owner has the power.

If you receive one of these notes the very first thing you should do is locate a legal team.  The second step in this process involves having an appraiser come out to your home and they will assess it.  They typically assess the value of a home based off of  two conditions, size and how well-maintained your property is. 

The third step involves receiving a purchase offer.  This offer is based on the value that the appraiser assesses your house for. If you disagree with the amount, then you are ready for the fourth and final step: negotiation.

For this step, it is imperative that you contact a legal team.  Hiring a lawyer ensures that you will not be taking advantage of this complicated process.  The consultation is usually free, and it can really benefit your case.  A lawyer can also make sure that you will receive the best value for your home.

Eminent Domain proceedings can be tricky, but if you seek counsel when you are confused, you can make sure that you will come out of it the victor.  It is always good to ask for help if you are confused or don’t understand something.  Don’t let your pride stand in the way of your legal win. 

Infographic: Eminent domain, what is it, and what are your rights?

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