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These days more and more users are realizing the amount of data Google and YouTube collect on them. Some users are perfectly fine with this practice and have no issues; others aren’t so happy. Many of those unhappy users are going to platforms like Rumble and Odysee to get their video fix, but currently, YouTube is still the king of video. For Android users who still want their YouTube fix but don’t want to use the YouTube app, there is now NewPipe.

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NewPipe is a lightweight new YouTube experience for Android that is made with your privacy in mind. It was created to remove the ads on YouTube as well as get around “questionable permissions.” NewPipe is an open-source project which developers can find on GitHub. Normies can go to the NewPipe website to download the APK and install it.

I heard about NewPipe from TheHatedOne on YouTube; if you haven’t seen his videos or are not subscribed to his channel, you should check it out. Below is a 9-minute long video where TheHatedOne goes over what this application is and what it does, in case you’d like to check that out. It’s also worth noting that YouTube did demonetize this video due to TheHatedOne giving out this information.

How Do I Get NewPipe?

It is important to note that NewPipe is not an application you’ll be able to get on the Google Playstore. You will need to either install the APK directly to your device, or go through the F-Droid catalog to install it. F-Droid is sort of like an alternative Playstore, it is also not on the Playstore.

The beauty (and danger) of Android is that you can install whatever you like on your phone without Google’s permission. We’re going to go over how to install NewPipe via F-Droid, which we think is better for normal users.

Installing F-Droid

Installing 3rd party software on your Android device could cause issues and open your device up to other problems. Anything you choose to do with your device is on you, and we take no responsibility for what may or may not happen. If you install F-Droid and NewPipe using this article, you do so at your own risk. Please read all warnings and messages on your screen before tapping anything.

  • Open a browser on your Android device
  • Navigate to the F-Droid website LINK HERE
  • Tap on the Download Link for F-Droid
  • You may get a warning notification about this download, just tap OK
  • Once downloaded another notification will pop up, tap OPEN
  • Another notification will appear that warns about security and unknown apps > tap SETTINGS
  • Now you will be in settings (install unknown apps), just turn on ALLOW FROM THIS SOURCE
  • Tap the back arrow which sends you back to your browser where you can now INSTALL F-Droid
  • Open the F-Droid app
  • Search for NewPipe and tap INSTALL
  • You will have to go through the same procedure above to approve F-Droid
  • Once you go through the procedure, you can install NewPipe and you should be done
  • You should then go back to settings and disable ALLOW FROM THIS SOURCE to keep your device secure

If you need a visual for installing F-Droid, the video below does a good job of showing it:

Alternatively, if you don’t want to install F-Droid, you can install NewPipe directly just as you would install F-Droid, visit the website and download the APK. You’ll have to go through the steps shown above to install it.

Is NewPipe Any Good?

Well, I tested NewPipe for a bit to see how it was. It works, for sure. But I found it to be a bit laggy and slow in doing searches and pulling videos. This is probably due to it having to parse YouTube and then redirect it to its own app.

I think it’s a good solution for those willing to risk installing unknown apps and want no ads and more privacy. But there are some performance trade-offs you will have to deal with. I’m also not sure of compatibility, this may not work on all Android phones, so it is worth reading the NewPipe website to find out more.

Once again, installing unknown apps from unknown sources is a risk you take on your own. We are not responsible for the choices you make with your device. You have been warned.

What do you think of NewPipe? Please share your thoughts on any of our social media pages. You can also comment on our MeWe page by joining the MeWe social network.


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