Razer unveils limited edition Kanagawa Wave Apparel made from recovered marine plastics


Razer has been stepping up its conservation efforts lately with their #GoGreenWithRazer campaign. Following up on its Sneki Snek Conservation Program, Razer has unveiled a limited edition Kanagawa Wave Apparel lineup made with fabric recovered from marine plastics.

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Each item in the range, which includes a hoodie, t-shirt, tank top, shorts and cap, is created using high-quality fabrics made from 100% recycled marine plastics. The fabrics are manufactured under a wider program to remove marine plastics from the seas and recycle them into useful products, which now includes Razer’s stylish Kanagawa Wave Apparel.

Razer press release

The apparel features stylized artwork based on the famous Great Wave off Kanagawa woodcarving. While the Sneki Snek campaign is focused on saving 1,000,000 trees, this campaign will see Razer committing to recovering 1KG of plastic from the ocean with local organizations in Indonesia for each piece of clothing from the lineup sold. 

Approximately 11 million tons of plastics enter the oceans each year, severely endangering marine life and entering the food chain. To help reduce the problem further, proceeds from the Kanagawa Wave collection will go towards the recovery of marine plastics in some of the world’s most affected areas of coastline and marine life.

Razer press release
Three of the five limited edition Razer Kanagawa Wave Apparel items
Three of the five limited edition Razer Kanagawa Wave Apparel items.

Pricing of the limited edition apparel includes:

  • Razer Kanagawa Wave Zip Hoodie: US$149.99/€159.99
  • Razer Kanagawa Wave Tee: US$89.99/€99.99
  • Razer Kanagawa Wave Tank Top: US$69.99/€79.99
  • Razer Kanagawa Wave Shorts: US$79.99/€89.99
  • Razer Kanagawa Wave Cap: US$49.99/€59.99

The Kanagawa Wave Apparel lineup will be available for sale on April 7, 2021, at 7 pm PDT, limited to 1337 pieces. You can sign up on Razer’s website to be notified of when the sale goes live. After Razer’s last apparel collaboration with A GAMING APE sold out in minutes, quantities aren’t expected to last long.

What do you think about the Kanagawa Wave Apparel lineup and Razer’s conservation efforts? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook, or MeWe.


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