iPhone 13 with no Lightning port? The rumor has been around but will Apple actually do it?

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iPhone 13 rumors have been circulating since Apple dropped the iPhone 12. Apple rumors never seem to stop, and these days, it seems the rumors of the next device even start coming before the latest device is announced. But I digress. There have already been many murmurings over what to expect from Apple come iPhone season this year.

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Some of these rumors and chatter say that Apple will include a 120Hz refresh rate display and an always-on display. Both of these rumors have solid ground to stand on, and I think that Apple will at least offer a ProMotion display on the larger Pro models of the iPhone 13. The always-on rumor also holds water as Apple already does this with its Apple Watch, and it makes sense they would include it this year.

But the larger, more interesting rumor is the iPhone 13 will finally ditch the Lightning Port. Many speculate that the iPhone will finally adopt USB-C as its big brother, the iPad, already has done the same. While we are hoping for USB-C ourselves, we think that Apple may end up going port-less altogether.

From our perspective, Apple’s introduction of MagSafe for iPhone isn’t just to add new technology to its device. It’s also there to produce a whole new line of MagSafe accessories and MagSafe licensing fees. Adopting USB-C isn’t going to make Apple money, and that’s what Apple does best, make money.

We think if Apple should decide to ditch the Lightning port on the iPhone 13, it will be in favor of MagSafe. MagSafe can be licensed to all small manufacturers selling Apple accessories which provides Apple with a huge stream of passive revenue. The Apple Tax is the real deal and products that are “Made for iPhone” are almost always 10-20% more expensive than the standardized product meant for Android.

iPhone 12 MagSafe
MagSafe charging on the iPhone 12

While standard Qi chargers work just fine with the current iPhones that wirelessly charge, Apple always seems to market its alternatives in a way that attracts the consumer. It will be interesting to see if the Lightning Port is also removed from the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max in the future.

We can’t say with any certainty that the iPhone 13 will not have a Lightning port. But we predict that if Apple opted to remove the Lightning port, they will do so in favor of MagSafe and completely skip the USB-C port.

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