Out with the old: New eco-friendly alternatives to home appliances


With each passing year, new technology provides homeowners with innovative ways to save money and live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Updated home appliances are at the forefront of the sustainable movement, allowing users to reduce waste, increase their savings and maximize their home’s overall efficiency.

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Here are a few examples of new eco-friendly alternatives that homeowners should consider. 

1. Miele KFN 9753 Refrigerator

In the home, the refrigerator is one of the few appliances that’s on at all times. Doing so requires a significant amount of energy year-round to keep all your contents at the right temperature.

Newer refrigerators, like the KFN 9753 model from Miele, consume power more efficiently. This fridge has an A+ energy rating and uses 0.29 kWh of energy within a 24-hour period. It’s long-lasting and has a vast storage capacity.

GE and Samsung also make eco-friendly refrigerators if you want something different.

2.  LG F1403R DS29 Steam Washer-Dryer

Older washing machines can use as many as 45 gallons of water per load of laundry. This is wasteful and inefficient. Similarly, a wasteful dryer uses more energy than necessary. Both of these appliances will cost you more than you need to spend.

The LG F1403RDS29 uses less energy and water in the process. This washer-dryer uses steam to wash your clothes instead of liquid water, considerably reducing water consumption. Similarly, since the steam heats up the drum, it lowers power requirements.

3. Grilla Silverbac Wood Pellet Grill

In addition to energy overconsumption, some appliances may also release greenhouse gas emissions. Specifically, traditional gas and propane grills will give off these emissions as you cook. To reduce your carbon footprint, you can switch to a more sustainable grill, like the Grilla Silverbac wood pellet grill.

A wood pellet grill runs on electricity and doesn’t require propane, gas or charcoal to operate. Instead, it blows the heat upward to cook the food, which gives it a smokey flavor. You can then save on costs for gas as well.

4. Sony X800G Series Smart TV

Purchasing newer appliances that are free of harmful materials is another way to be environmentally friendly. Specifically, mercury is a toxic metal that, when you get rid of your device, can harm the environment as it breaks down.

A new television is a great place to start. With LED TVs, like the Sony X800G series, you can get a mercury-free appliance that operates in high-definition. The X800G series also automatically adjusts pixel brightness to save power. Automatic shut-off features keep it from running for too long, reducing excess energy consumption.

Sony X800G eco-friendly
Sony X800G

5. HP M01-F0024 Desktop Computer

A desktop computer can use up to 600 kWh of energy every year, depending on how much you use it. Fortunately, Energy Star-rated desktops use energy more efficiently and can shut off or stop using power while they’re on standby. 

The HP M01-F0024 is an Energy Star-certified desktop that can outcompete some less eco-friendly models. This computer includes 12 GBs of RAM and an energy-efficient solid-state drive (SSD).

6. Miele G 6935 Sci Dishwasher

Similar to a washing machine, an older, outdated dishwasher can waste a significant amount of water. In addition, washing dishes by hand can be even more wasteful, possibly letting 27 gallons of water go down the drain.

Energy Star-certified dishwashers like the Miele G 6935 Sci use far less water. The G 6935 Sci also uses 35% less energy per year than the Federal standard. With more than a dozen wash settings, it can also keep up with any non-sustainable option. 

7. Baumatic BCS455TS Oven

Traditional ovens may sometimes use more energy than necessary, especially when making larger portions of food. A steam oven, however, puts you on a better path for energy savings and eco-friendliness.

Steam ovens like the Baumatic BCS455TS typically cook food faster than regular ovens, which means you’ll be using less energy. In addition, it can keep more color and nutrients in the food and don’t require oil to cook. You can check the BCS455STS as a practical, high-capacity, professional option.

8. Panasonic CS-S28TKV Air Conditioner 

When it gets hot out, people want to have their air conditioning running at all times. However, this can lead to higher energy costs. The Panasonic CS-S28TKV is a prominent example of what you can look for.

The CS-S28TKV uses energy more efficiently, saving money in the process. It also has sensors to detect when you enter and leave a room, turning on accordingly. Sunlight sensors do the same for changing weather conditions, ensuring it uses at little energy as possible.

9. Philips Hue Smart Bulbs

Smart lighting systems like the Philips Hue line are easy to control and will reduce your energy consumption in the process. First, these systems typically use LED bulbs, which use about 75% less energy than traditional bulbs.

With Philips Hue smart bulbs, you can remotely control your lights for even more savings. If you left the lights on, you can quickly switch them off whether you’re upstairs or at work. This step helps cut down on how much energy you use and, therefore, your costs as well.

10. ConnectSense Smart Outlet 2

“Vampire” energy occurs when appliances that are on standby continue to suck up power. While unplugging them will stop this occurrence, it may be tedious or impractical to unplug all your appliances every day.

The ConnectSense Smart Outlet 2 is a smart plug that takes care of this problem. It enables you to turn off devices remotely, stopping them from sucking power without unplugging them. It also provides reports about how much energy your appliances use.

It All Adds Up

With each of these changes, you can create a completely new dynamic in your home — one where all the appliances help you become more eco-friendly than ever. You’ll save money in the process, too.

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