What are the advantages of using a virtual phone system?


When it comes to business communications, companies have a lot of options at their disposal. At the same time, businesses do not want to spend more money than they must on anything, including their communications solutions. As a result, many businesses are thinking about making the switch to a virtual phone system by Ooma

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What are some of the top advantages of using a virtual phone system? First of all, any business can benefit by using it can benefit by using it, no matter if it is small or large. Whether you have a few or many employees, you will get increased control, efficiency, and access to your business.

When it comes to expenses, no business owners want to waste their time or invest in some costly items; installing a virtual phone system at the office would save both your time and money. This is because you wouldn’t need a dedicated IT team to control your telephony system.

When you can get high-quality service by decreasing your cost, then you will definitely want to give it a try.

Let’s dig into more details on the advantages of using a virtual phone system.

This Provides an Opportunity to Save Money

One of the first benefits of using a virtual phone system is that this can help companies save money. Anyone who has been paying attention has likely found that their phone bills are going up, particularly if they are still using a traditional phone system. Every time they want to add a phone line, it seems like they have to pay more money. When companies switch to a virtual phone system, they have the opportunity to select a system that is easy to scale with the rest of the business. That way, companies have an easier time keeping their cost under control.

If you are using a virtual phone system, then all your calls will be made via the internet. This means you need to pay for the data usage cost only. Generally, a company needs to pay a monthly charge for each phone line or seat to the service provider.

Additionally, you don’t need to pay any extra hidden cost while upgrading the virtual phone system in your office. There’s even no need to worry about any maintenance, upkeep, or repair costs because, normally, third-party companies take care of cloud-based services.

The Ease of Use of a Virtual Phone System

One of the barriers that many people have when it comes to a virtual phone system is that they feel like it will be hard to adjust. Change is always hard. It can be uncomfortable at first. On the other hand; a virtual phone system is relatively easy to use. Those who make switch usually find that it is easier to communicate their business work with a virtual phone system. The learning curve is easy with this novel form of communication.

Easy Accessibility

When you adapt to the virtual phone system, you can make or receive calls from anywhere. The only thing you would require is a stable data connection. This way, even you are away from the office, you would never miss a business opportunity.

You only need to have a softphone app installed on your phone or desktop, and you are good to go.

You can make your business more flexible by giving remote access to your employees. In such a pandemic situation, when it is necessary to avoid gatherings to stop the spread of CORONAVIRUS, it becomes problematic to maintain safe and secure office hygiene. This doesn’t mean you can afford to lose business. 

With the help of VOIP, your employees need not to physically present at the office. They can be productive from anywhere by using their tablets or mobiles.

virtual phone system


If you need to travel a lot for your business, then it must be difficult for you to maintain the same number everywhere. The good news is that the virtual numbers are portable. You can use the same number for your business in any location you visit.

The Ability to Consolidate Multiple Channels of Communication

Finally, another major benefit of using a virtual phone system is that this provides companies with the opportunity to consolidate multiple channels of communication. Do you have a separate provider for your email? What about your text message system? Wouldn’t it be easier if you had all of these channels of communication in the same place? If you use a virtual phone system, you can use the internet to power all of your communications. You do not have to worry about having a separate bill for every option. That way, it is easier for you to keep track of your logistics.

Clear Voice Quality

With an active and stable data connection, you don’t need to worry about call drops or bad voice quality.  Generally the calls don’t have any latency issues and they come out crisp and clear.

If the calls are not up to mark as per you, then it might be the problem of your ISP. If your ISP tends to drop internet frequently, the calls made via virtual phone system would have weak call quality.


It is a true fact that not a single company wants to be on the headlines for the reason of data breaching. However, when it comes to phone security, many business take that lightly and risk their and clients’ privacy.

Social engineering is a scam that happens often by tricking staff by making fraudulent calls. Such security threats can easily be avoided using VOIP. While making calls via internet, your calls are encrypted, and identifying the callers are easy. 

However, maintain the security is not going to be your headache, as hosted VOIP networks are dedicatedly working to protect your privacy.

What you need to do is, find and work with a trustworthy VOIP provider.

Advanced Features

Even if you own a small company, a virtual phone service can make your business looks more professional. It comes with some advanced features like call transfers and auto attend, so, even if it’s a one person’s job, it would project your company as a large company.

For the large companies, it is essential to get connected with your customers 24*7. Ditching the traditional phone system, and embracing virtual phones would allow you to do that.

Find the Right Phone System for the Company

These are just a few of the many advantages that come with using a virtual phone system. When businesses are looking for ways to improve the quality of their phone systems, they need to think carefully about the benefits and drawbacks of every option they have at their disposal. If companies are able to find the right communication system to meet their needs, they make it easier for their team members to stay on the same page. Consider using a virtual phone system to help your company.

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