Firmware update for Audeze Penrose adds new features

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The great thing about headsets these days is a lot of them get firmware updates. Some are bug fixes but others, like in the case of the latest firmware update for the Audeze Penrose, add new features. We recently reviewed this gaming headset, and found it to be a great sounding headset for the Xbox One, Series X, PC, and mobile gaming. 

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 When gaming with friends, they said I sounded pretty good with the Penrose, albeit slightly heavier on the bass end of things. It wasn’t enough to make for a bad experience; it was just something that they noticed. On that note, Audeze has added a new microphone EQ which allows for more control over how your microphone sounds.

In addition, the company made some improvements to the user interface when it comes to the wheel buttons. Now you can adjust the Bluetooth/wireless balance when connected to both at the same time, change your EQ presets, easily adjust your game/chat balance, and even toggle sidetone. Some of these even come with voice prompts so you know exactly what preset you’ve switched over to.

The full list of updates you can expect the next time you plug your Penrose gaming headset into your computer are:

  • New microphone EQ for improved voice clarity
  • Ability to adjust Bluetooth/wireless volume mix via headphone or app
  • Added EQ change and sidetone button commands with voice prompts
  • User Interface (UI) improvements to wheel buttons:
    • Single press + Scroll volume wheel for BT/wireless balance
    • Long press vol wheel to scroll through EQ presets with voice prompts
    • Single press + Scroll mic wheel for game/chat balance
    • Long press mic wheel to turn on/off sidetone with voice prompts

The Audeze Penrose gaming headset is available for Xbox and PlayStation on Amazon and the Audeze website for US$299.99.

What do you think about the firmware update for the Audeze Penrose and the new features? What do you think about the Penrose in general? Let us know on Twitter, or MeWe.


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