Nayo Almighty Backpack review: A comfy, large backpack with plenty of room

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Like laptops, backpacks come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on your needs, you’re definitely going to want to choose one that can easily hold and carry everything you need.

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Our Nayo Almighty Backpack review looks at the latest from Nayo Smart, a smart, functional backpack that can meet all your needs for travel, business, photography, or sports. Read on for our full review!


The Nayo Smart Nayo Almighty Backpack we reviewed has the following features and specifications:

  • Exterior: waterproof and environmental friendly TPU fabric
  • Lining: 230D lining + 12mm EVA
  • Laptop compartment
    • 32L: Can hold up to 17.3″ laptop
    • 25L: Can hold up to 15.6″ laptop, 17.3″ will fit in mesh compartment
  • iPad/tablet compartment
    • 32L: 25 x 19 x 32cm (9.8 x 7.4 x 12.5″)
    • 25L: 25 x 19 x 30cm (9.8 x 7.4 x 11.8″)
  • Dimensions
    • 32L: 51 x 35 x 17cm (20.1 x 13.8 x 6.7″)
    • 25L: 46 x 32 x 16cm (18.1 x 12.6 x 6.3″)
  • Weight
    • 32L: 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs)
    • 25L: 1.2 kg (2.6 lbs)

What’s in the box

  • Nayo Smart Nayo Almighty Backpack
  • USB-A male to female charging cable
  • NOTE: charging power bank not included
The Nayo Smart Nayo Almighty Backpack
The Nayo Smart Nayo Almighty Backpack.


The Nayo Smart Nayo Almighty Backpack is a large backpack that comes in two sizes but doesn’t look overly bulky. Our review unit was the 32L “large size,” while a 25L “normal size” is also available. The smaller version is recommended for commuters or short trips while the larger one is recommended for travellers (can be used as a 20″ suitcase) or those over 5’10”. The bag itself is black in colour, and the Nayo Smart logo is printed relatively small in grey on the front, sideways and vertically oriented. The outer shell is covered with a waterproof coating and is smooth and easy to clean.

With a reversed zipper design, the zippers are designed for heavy and frequent use. Gunmetal in color, the ends are coated in black to tie into the subtle look of the backpack. The zippers also seal shut nicely, adding to the waterproof protection the bag offers.

The back, shoulder straps, and waist belt (available on the 32L version only) have 12mm high-elasticity, anti-compression, and shock-resistant EVA padding. These pads make the backpack more comfortable when carrying while fully loaded as they offer increased breathability and disperse the weight more evenly. I can attest that when packed full with a 17-inch laptop, charging brick, tablet, and other things, the backpack is very comfortable, and the weight feels nicely balanced. The backpack also has a metal handle on the top, a chest strap with a whistle, a concealable waist belt on the 32L version, a sunglass hanger on the shoulder strap, and a trolley strap for carrying over a rolling suitcase.

The back padding on the Nayo Smart Nayo Almighty Backpack
The back padding on the Nayo Smart Nayo Almighty Backpack.

As for pockets and pouches, the Nayo Almighty Backpack has plenty. On the front of the backpack is a slim slip pouch. Just behind this is a slightly bigger pouch with two zippers for phones, pens, power banks, keys, and the like. Above this is an easily accessible top pouch. When looking at the backpack’s front, the left side has an insulated waterproof side bottle pocket that will hold a 500mL (17 ounce) bottle. On the right side, there is an expandable pouch and a shell for a charging port for your smartphone or other devices. Finally, there is also a hidden zipper pouch on the back near the bottom for storing your passport, money, or other important items.

The main storage comes from unzipping the backpack with the two main zippers. These zippers allow the backpack to open fully and lay flat, like a suitcase, giving easy access to all the inner compartments. The front half has a mesh cover. Under this cover are two small side pouches, a zippered front pouch, a small zipper to access the included USB-A male to female charging cable, and two velcro pieces to hold the (currently included with purchase) waterproof toiletry bag and data cable storage bag. These two bags are roughly 5 x 8 1/2 x 1 1/2-inches. The toiletry bag is nicely lined with a mesh pocket, clip, and two elastic bands for holding items in place. The data cable pouch has a zippered mesh pocket on one side with an elastic band and pouch on the other.

The back side of the main storage (the portion that rests against your back when carried) has a nice big sleeve for a 17.3″ laptop. On the back side of the sleeve are two elastic straps which go over the corner of your laptop to keep it from moving around. Not many backpacks can easily hold a laptop of this size, but the Nayo Almighty Backpack does so with room to spare. In front of this is a smaller sleeve, also with elastics, to hold your iPad or other tablet. Finally, near the bottom of the back compartment are two smaller pouches with elastic sides to hold other objects you may need to carry.

The main back compartment on the Nayo Smart Nayo Almighty Backpack with 17.3-inch laptop and tablet inside
The main back compartment on the Nayo Smart Nayo Almighty Backpack with 17.3-inch laptop and tablet inside.

The Nayo Smart Almighty Backpack definitely ticks all the boxes when it comes to design, comfort, and storage space.


The Nayo Almighty Backpack is nicely padded throughout, especially on the back compartment which sits against your back. The 12mm EVA padding will help protect your laptop from bumps and jostling, or even an accidental drop. If anything, the backpack could use a bit more padding on the bottom in case you happened to drop it or place it down a little roughly.

You won’t have to worry about being caught out in a surprise rain shower either with its waterproof coating and sealed zippers. Overall, this backpack offers up decent protection, something that is a must while commuting or travelling.


The Nayo Smart Nayo Almighty Backpack retails for US$135 for the 25L version and $140 for the 32L version. Both are currently on sale for $93 and $97, respectively. The 25L version is currently available for pre-order with shipping starting in June. The 32L size is now available.

Of course, you want to be comfortable using your backpack, but the 32L definitely offers up better bang for the buck for the price. Even better, when purchasing either backpack, the company is throwing in a waterproof toiletry bag and a data cable storage bag at no additional cost. This backpack is a great deal at the regular price, and it’s even better at the current sale prices.


The Nayo Smart Nayo Almighty Backpack is a very functional, nicely designed, well-constructed backpack that comes in two different sizes — all for a reasonable price. With solid construction, a waterproof shell, and plenty of pockets and pouches, you should be able to carry everything you need for your daily commute or while travelling.

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Last Updated on May 21, 2021.


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