The eye of Sauron will be visible from the northeastern US this Thursday


The eye of Sauron will be gazing down on the northeastern United States Thursday morning, giving everyone a fantastical display. But, of course, we’re having a bit of fun with all of this and what people are actually going to witness is a Ring of Fire solar eclipse.

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The Ring of Fire solar eclipse will be visible in parts of Canada, but much of the northeastern United States will get the best views. The eye of Sauron will rise in Ontario and then circle across the north and become a full annular eclipse.

“Midway along the path, the greatest eclipse occurs at local noon in northern Greenland and then swings by the Earth’s North Pole, and finally ends at sunset over northeastern Siberia,” he said.

The full annular eclipse will last for roughly an hour and 40 minutes. No part of the U.S. will see the full annular eclipse.

While the U.S. will miss out on the “ring of fire” part of the eclipse, millions of people who live along the East Coast and in the Upper Midwest will get a chance to see a partial solar eclipse just after sunrise.

The most ideally situated large metropolitan areas to view the partial eclipse at sunrise are Toronto, Philadelphia, and New York, according to the Great American Eclipse website.

“Along the Atlantic coast, the very best view of a deep partial solar eclipse will be from the beaches of New Jersey. Tall buildings in New York City with unobstructed views in the direction of the rising sun will also have a great view,” the Great American Eclipse website said.

USA Today

For those seeking to take photos of a solar eclipse, Duane Huie explains in this article how he was able to capture his 2017 photos of a solar eclipse. Sadly, we don’t have any actual guides or even actual photos of the eye of Sauron.

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