15 apps you can download for greater savings

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Instagram or TikTok might be your most-used apps, but there is so much more out there than just social media apps. These days, many users prefer apps over websites because it’s often much more convenient and faster.

Whether you need to find a handyman for assembling furniture or keep track of your menstrual cycle, there is an app for everything. So why are you not using apps to their full potential? In fact, Apps can help you save money!

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If you are struggling to make your paycheck last through the month, it’s imperative to make changes to your spending habits. Procrastination will make things worse. Since you’re probably using a smartphone in your everyday life, downloading the right apps can help you get your finances back on track. 

In this post, we’re rounding up our top apps for greater savings and discounts. Take a look. 

1. Keep Personal Finances in Check

The first step to saving money is budgeting and tracking your expenses. Mint is a useful app offering an extensive range of financial services. You can keep track of every financial activity on all your accounts. The app automatically records and categorizes every financial transaction. 

2. Get Reprimanded for Poor Spending Habits

At times, intervention from a parent or friend can help you recognize your poor purchases. But what if you don’t have friends or family around? 

If you don’t have rational spending habits in place, a simple budgeting app might not be that effective for you. Cleo is an app that not only tracks and budgets but also reprimands you for poor spending habits. It’s like having a personal business manager that helps you make better financial decisions. 

3. Manage Traffic Tickets

From parking to speeding tickets, traffic violations can end up costing a lot of money. At times, it’s possible that you were wrongfully given a ticket. To save yourself from paying hundreds of dollars, download an app for fighting traffic tickets. WinIt is a reliable app that allows you to easily manage or fight traffic tickets. 

4. Easily Buy & Sell Clothes

Shopping addiction is a real thing that can drain your savings. Instead of wasting your paycheck on overpriced clothes, download Depop for discounted products. You can also use this platform to make some extra cash by selling items you no longer need. Poshmark is another app that offers similar services. These apps are also a sustainable way to shop. 

5. Resell Old Tech, Furniture & More

Do you have a desk that’s collecting dust in your apartment? Are you planning to upgrade your laptop? It would be best to put up unwanted tech, furniture, and items for sale. You probably have a Facebook account, use it to list such items for sale on Facebook Marketplace. You can easily sell to people locally or ship it. If you are confused about pricing the item, Facebook will help you. As soon as you upload pictures, the interface will automatically suggest a price range.

6. Discounted Luxury Fashion

Are you obsessed with luxury fashion? While luxury fashion is definitely stylish and high quality, it will likely put a dent in your savings. Rather than buying designer products at full prices, explore TheRealReal. This app sells goods through consignment. You can confidently buy pre-owned high-end products as every item is authenticated by experts. 

save money using these apps
We all want to save as much as we can.

Why buy full-priced items when you can buy them at discounted rates? You can easily find coupons and deals for several popular retail stores on the RetailMeNot app. Just show the coupon at the cash register, and you’ll get the discount. 

8. Find the Best Prices

Wondering if an item is cheaper online or in-store? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore with ShopSavvy. This app offers a barcode scanner and QR code reader that you can use to find the best prices. It also has a map to help users locate the nearest stores where they can purchase the product. 

9. Pay Bills On Time

Being an adult, there are often so many bills and expenses to manage. Missing a payment and having to pay a late fee is easily avoidable with BillTracker. This app keeps all your bills in one place and sends notifications for due payments. You can also view the monthly calendar highlighting different bills. Prism is another free app offering similar features.

10. Prevent Impulse Purchases

Are you guilty of making random purchases when you’re drunk? Frequent impulse purchases can be detrimental to your finances. Download the DrnkPay app to avoid wasteful expenses. This app blocks your credit cards when you’ve had too much to drink. 

11.Skip Broker’s Fee

Finding a reasonably priced apartment in New York is not easy. It can end up costing you even more if you hire a broker for the job. But there is a cheaper alternative. Download Joinery to find apartments sans broker fees. This app will directly connect you to departing tenants without any middlemen. 

12. Find the Best Deals Online

One of the biggest advantages of online shopping is that you have several options to choose from. But who has the time to compare? Download Earny to save time and money. You can track your online purchases by linking this app to your Amazon accounts. You will get a price adjustment or refund if the app finds a better deal elsewhere.

13. Try Envelope Budgeting

The envelope budgeting method is a traditional but effective way to manage your finances. It involves deciding how much you can spend on different essentials such as utilities, groceries, insurance, and so on. Next, you take your cash and divide it into different envelopes for each category. Finally, you can only spend your savings on a specific category that’s mentioned on the envelope. 

While this is a simple system, it is not particularly convenient in today’s digital world. Download GoodBudget, an app that does the job of envelopes. You can keep track of your budget and restrict unnecessary spending.

14. Adult Piggy Bank

You’re never too old to have a piggy bank. Tip Yourself (now called Earnin) helps you save money while instilling positive habits. For example, you can tip yourself five dollars every time you finish a book or workout. 

15. Start Investing

Your money isn’t doing much sitting in a savings account. Acorn is an app that takes spare change from your linked credit or debit cards and puts them in an investment account with Exchange Traded Funds (EFTs). EFTs are listed and traded on a stock exchange. You can earn via dividends or sell the shares when the prices go up for a profit. Apps don’t always have to be time-wasting. Hopefully, you discovered some apps that help you save more in everyday life.

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