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In 2020, 57% of consumers purchased from a local business for the first time as both an act of support and to receive some pandemic-friendly services. So how did these new consumers find local businesses during the quarantine? By searching their local landing page on the internet. 

Google’s boon to local searches is known as the Local Pack. It includes map location, star ratings, and more.  Local Pack results are displayed above organic search results, and local pack ranking is influenced by Google My Business (GMB) listing factors, backlink quality, freshness, and diversity, review quantity/freshness/diversity, and so on.

To optimize your GMB listing, claim your business profile, complete every section thoroughly (this includes name, address, phone number, website, hours, and more), and make sure your listing is always up to date. Single location businesses can optimize their GMB listing and link to their website homepage, but local landing pages are essential to multi-location businesses.

What is featured in a local landing page, exactly? LLPs are standalone web pages for specific business locations; they allow you to link each landing page to a separate listing on GMB. Features that improve LLP search rankings are hyperlocal content, location photos, Google maps embed, and location-specific social profiles. Also beneficial are mobile features; 84% of local searches are made on mobile devices. A website hostile to mobile turns off consumers.

In addition to making consumers aware of your business, you should also endeavor to clearly communicate safety procedures as they exist in the current pandemic. LLPs should list options for convenient 2-way communication like texting. They should update information like store hours and temporary closures as the situation unfolds. They should ensure safe information and pandemic-friendly services are easy to find on the website. GMB should also include this information for customer convenience.

local landing page infographic

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