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Techaeris has been creating content since 2013 when I decided to create the site and break from writing for other Android-focused publications. At the time, I was working full-time at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) in the Chicago area.

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When I started Techaeris, it was a hobby because I enjoyed writing and researching consumer technology. While I was at Fermilab, I earned my bachelor’s degree in networking and communications management. The original plan was to find a networking position at Fermi, but the lab didn’t have a stable budget, which kept me from moving to networking.

I continued working at Fermilab and kept Techaeris going, and over the years, it has grown organically and through word of mouth. Thankfully it has grown to a place where I can do this full-time. Through the years, I’ve also learned a great deal about digital media and how the whole system operates.

Most of the digital media and websites you enjoy are all owned by large publishing houses like Vox Media, Conde Nast, and Future. Many of these websites started just like us and eventually sold to those large publishing houses. Thankfully, Techaeris is still independent, and we plan on staying that way for as long as possible.

I’ve written website updates like this in the past, and in one article, I mentioned ComScore and TAL’s. The large publishing companies use ComScore and TAL to pad their traffic stats; it’s basically purchased traffic. Check out our full article on this; it is worth the read.

That’s what ComScore and Traffic Assignment Letters (TAL) are all about. ComScore is a company that ranks websites based on their traffic. ComScore also allows websites to purchase traffic from other sites in order to inflate their numbers and make it look as if they have more traffic than they actually have. It’s a pretty complex game of numbers that’s supposedly all legit but it still leaves independent sites like ours in the dust. Many of the internet’s most popular websites participate and inflate their numbers with TAL traffic.


So Techaeris doesn’t use ComScore, nor do we purchase traffic or partner with entities that engage in such things. We’ve grown our traffic organically and through social media. It’s a long, arduous process and sometimes frustrating but well worth it to us. But we also invest back into the site with improvements and changes.

Techaeris 2013 vs Techaeris 2021

Over the years, we have made many changes and improvements to Techaeris, and these past few weeks, we have done it again. This time we’ve really dove deeper and made significant investments into making the site better for you.

  • We’ve completely redesigned the website with a theme that is faster and cleaner.
  • We’ve streamlined our menu and made navigation easier
  • We’ve changed our aesthetics to capture your eye better
  • We’ve improved page load times
  • We’ve reduced the plugin count improving load times
  • We’ve changed to one ad service only, eliminating the bloat of multiple ad services
  • We’ve changed to a new faster-hosting service with a dedicated server

These are just a few of the things we’ve done over the past few weeks and months to make the site function better for you. We’re so very thankful for the support our followers afford us. Without your shares and word of mouth, we wouldn’t be here. So please, keep sharing what we do and help us continue to grow our traffic numbers organically.

Alex Hernandez: Owner and Editor-In-Chief
Jason Bouwmeester: Senior Editor

Last Updated on June 16, 2021.

Techaeris 2021 Version

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