Leaked memo says OnePlus will become a sub-brand of Oppo


Oppo has been around for a long time and long before OnePlus. When OnePlus hit the scene, the rumor was that Oppo was behind the new brand. But it didn’t take long for OnePlus to distance itself from Oppo to mold their own brand and space.

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Even with its obvious distancing from Oppo, it was evident that the two brands shared similar designs and parts. After all these years, it seems the relationship between the two is becoming clearer and more public.

In a note recently posted on company forums, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau said that his company will “further integrate” with Oppo, giving it “more resources” to create better products and bring faster updates for its users. He did say OnePlus would continue to operate independently, however, so it was still a bit unclear just how tightly the two companies would be connected.


Evan Blass has also posted the internal memo on Twitter, which you can see below:

The line “further integrate” is what points to the relationship we’ve assumed was there all along. OnePlus will become an official sub-brand of Oppo, but OnePlus will supposedly still “continue to function as an independent entity.”

This news really isn’t that surprising. For us, it just confirms what we’ve suspected for years but never really had any official connection to prove it. However, OnePlus has been making solid devices for a long time, and our review of the OnePlus 8T proves that in our eyes anyway.

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