[MWC 2021] TCL announces NXTWEAR G display glasses


Wearable display glasses aren’t a new thing; remember, Google Glass. Grant it, Google Glass was slightly different than TCL’s new NXTWEAR G, but both are born from the same cloth. The TCL NXTWEAR G combines dual Sony micro OLED screens with portability and plug-and-play functionality.

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TCL has also launched its new cross-device Multi-Screen Collaboration feature across select lines. The feature delivers “seamless” productivity across several product categories, including select TCL Mobile devices and compatible laptops, tablets, and televisions.

Aaron Zhang, CEO at TCL Communication, said: “With TCL’s expertise in Display Greatness, now is the perfect time to challenge the established, disconnected, single-screen scenario across price points. In the premium space, NXTWEAR G Smart Glasses become an extension of your smart device and transport you to a private viewing party wherever you are.

Looking at its broader portfolio, TCL’s accessibly priced high-end devices, including the TCL 20 Pro 5G, will provide even more value in the coming months, with rich Multi-Screen Collaboration rolling out in future software updates.”

Aaron Zhang, CEO TCL Communications

Here’s what TCL’s press release had to say about these new wearable display glasses:



Experience smart vision with TCL NXTWEAR G Wearable Display Glasses, a portable cinema for movie lovers, an immersive world for gamers, or private space at home, work, or on your commute. No charging is required; the grab-and-go glasses are plug-and-play so that they can be powered by your compatible laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Pioneering in display technology, TCL understands what makes a great viewing experience. This expertise is why the dual 1080p high-definition Sony FHD Micro OLED panels are perfectly positioned to deliver home theatre proportions, as NXTWEAR G emulates a 140-inch display with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

With a visual experience supporting 3D 4K content integrated with stereo speakers, cinema scores and gameplay are brought to life as you lose yourself in sensory immersion.

The streamlined, reflective deep black exterior of the TCL NXTWEAR G is set against soft-touch nylon and silica gel – carefully selected materials surrounding a metallic frame, creating a comfortable, skin-friendly fit and feel that’s also durable. Inside its carry case are with three adjustable nose pad sizes to cater to every face shape as well as a lens adapter for a clear viewing experience no matter what your prescription might be.

Thanks to the NXTWEAR G’s open-fit design, which maintains a degree of peripheral vision, you can shift your gaze down to glance at your fingers typing on a keyboard or look up to greet a flight attendant offering you an in-flight beverage. Striking a unique balance of escapism and presence, it’s now possible to get lost in a movie or enjoy a front-row ticket to a virtual gig, all while maintaining a sense of what’s going on in your immediate environment.

Worn exactly like a traditional pair of glasses, there are no overhead straps to mess up your hair, batteries that need charging, or slots for you to slide a smartphone into with NXTWEAR G. You also don’t need an app; simply connect the glasses to any smart device with a compatible USB-C display-out port and put them on for a fantastic visual experience.

NXTWEAR G is compatible with more than 100 smartphones, hybrid two-in-one devices, and laptops from all major manufacturers, and will be available to buy in Australia beginning next month, with market availability to follow in select regions.


Multi-Screen Collaboration

Multi-Screen Collaboration TCL

TCL’s Multi-Screen vision starts with whatever device you have on you. As an example, when you’re traveling for work, you walk to the train station and buy tickets using contactless payments on your phone, streaming music over 5G as you go. Once in your seat, hand-off from your TCL 20 Pro 5G to a cinematic wearable, the NXTWEAR G, as a portable big-screen experience transports you instantly while you rest and recharge.

As the closing credits roll, it’s time to switch out your glasses for a smart PC. With TCL Multi-Screen Collaboration, Windows 10 users can easily edit, share and control content on their smartphone from their laptop screen. With its 5G mobile network fired up, your phone can stay in your bag while your laptop has easy access to your files and photos, Android apps, a shared clipboard, and a host of other functionality.

On the last leg of your journey, it’s time to read a book. As you switch from your laptop to a TCL 10 TABMAX tablet, you continue a shared-screen experience, with your smartphone notifications appearing on your tab, so you can just focus on one display at a time.

Now that you’re finally to your hotel, work is done and it’s time to kick back and unwind with quick and easy cross-device casting to a TV. Watch high-resolution footage captured on your TCL 20 Pro 5G, enjoy your favorite binge-worthy shows, or simply create some ambience as you cast music to unwind to. Work across displays, minimize distractions and maximize experiences.

Multi-Screen Collaboration will be supported across a range of product lines, rolling out initially to TCL 20 Pro 5G smartphones through an over-the-air software update.


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