Satechi announces three new GaN chargers


Satechi is well known for producing beautiful peripherals for Mac, PC, Android, and iOS. Now the company has announced three new GaN chargers made for those on the move. Each of these chargers comes equipped with the GaN charging technology, working quickly and safely to charge various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

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These chargers are also built with convenience and portability in mind, making them ideal for taking with you while on the go. The three new Satechi chargers are the 66W USB-C 3 Port GaN charger, 100W USB-C PD Wall charger, and the 108W USB-C Port GaN Wall charger. Here’s what the Satechi press release had to say:

Satechi 66W USB-C 3 Port GaN charger

Satechi’s new 66W USB-C 3-Port GaN Wall Charger, 100W USB-C PD Wall Charger, and 108W USB-C 3-Port GaN Wall Charger are all equipped with next-generation technology that replaces previous silicon-based semiconductors to provide faster and better power efficiency.

With a foldable plug, users can free up space in a carry-on and travel with the 66W USB-C 3-Port GaN Wall Charger to charge a smartphone, laptop, and iPad simultaneously, or use the 100W USB-C PD Wall Charger to charge the laptop at home, the office or nearest coffee shop.

Satechi 100W USB-C PD Wall

The 66W USB-C 3-Port GaN Wall Charger and 108W USB-C 3-Port PD Wall Charger automatically adjust their output according to the number of connected devices. Whether it’s charging a MacBook Air at home or an iPad Pro and iPhone 12 on the go, the chargers’ flexible configurations power it all wherever plugged in.

All three GaN chargers are equipped with ETL and CE certifications to provide a safe yet effective charge to connected devices for maximum safety.

108W USB-C Port GaN Wall charger

Quickly charge multiple devices at once with the 108W USB-C 3-Port GaN Wall Charger when leaving the house, and every device is low on battery, or rapidly power a dying smartphone before a long road trip with the 100W USB-C PD Wall Charger.

All of Satechi’s products are available in space grey to complement any modern workspace. Whether working at the office or home, each of the three chargers offers ideal features like quick charging and stylish design that seamlessly blend with Apple products and other desktop and mobile devices.

Plus, Satechi’s convenient, foldable design makes each of them extremely portable for all charging needs, wherever that may be.

Satechi’s 66W USB-C 3-Port GaN Wall Charger100W USB-C PD Wall Charger, and 108W USB-C 3-Port GaN Wall Charger are available now on and for $54.99, $69.99, and $74.99, respectively, and will be 15% off from July 22 to July 31 with code GANFAST15.

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