You can now outfit the Dell XPS 15 and XPS 17 with up to 8TB of storage


I’m not going to lie; I love the Dell XPS line of laptops. I’m currently reviewing the XPS 17 and spoiler; this laptop is easily a bonafide MacBook killer. I’ve never said that about any laptop, not even the Dell XPS line. But damn, Dell has really put a lot into this lineup.

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Now, Dell has opened up a few new SKUs for both the Dell XPS 15 and 17, which offer you up to an insane 8TB of storage. Dell isn’t the only one doing this; Apple also offers this type of storage on its MacBook Pros. It makes sense for them to offer this up, especially since these laptops are designed and marketed for content creation.

8TB is a lot of space, of that there is no question, but in the world of content creation and working with 4K video, it can fill up fast. Now, if you opt for the 8TB option, that will come in the form of two 4TB NVMe M.2 drives as these laptops have two M.2 slots.

There are other ways you can configure the storage on the Dell XPS lineup but maxing the two slots out to 4TB a piece will give you that magic 8TB number.

While the storage option has changed, everything else remains the same. 11th Gen Intel Core i7 processors and dedicated NVIDIA RTX-30 graphics cards are what you’ll get to choose from. Our review configuration is pretty nice, and I really have enjoyed using it. It easily competes with the MacBook Pro I just got rid of.

You can find out more on Dell’s website about the XPS series and configure your own there. Be sure to keep your eye out for our XPS 17 review coming soon!

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