Amazon thinks its time for you to have a home robot, meet Astro


Amazon used to be a company that conveniently let me buy headphones and laundry soap online without having to rush out to the mall or big box store. But somewhere along the way, like every other organization these days, they became a “tech company.” Now the company wants you to buy their home robot, Astro.

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A home robot sounds like a great idea to me; I actually wouldn’t mind having something that could take care of day-to-day menial tasks around the house. But in this day and age, you’re not going to find a home robot that isn’t going to need to connect to a mothership.

In this case, Astro comes with Alexa built-in, which we know connects to Amazon’s servers and provides all of your internet goodies. There are many things this home robot can do, but we’re jumping right into privacy and security because that’s what most of our readers are concerned about. Amazon listed several reasons why they believe they can be trusted with your privacy and security. The company lists the following, and you can read more about these points on Amazon’s website:

  • Advanced Safety System
  • On-Device Processing
  • Out of Bounds Zones
  • Microphones/Cameras Off
  • Clear Indicators When Streaming Features Are Active

Amazon drops several reasons why it thinks that a home robot would make an ideal addition to the home:

  • Check-In On Your Home
  • Helps Look Out For Loved Ones
  • Provides Peace Of Mind With Ring Built-In
  • Brings Alexa To You Around The Home
  • Brings Fun To Life With Astro’s Personality

Throughout its development, Astro has gone through hundreds of thousands of hours of internal testing with Amazon employees—both in offices and homes across the country. During my own time with Astro, I’ve thought of lots of new things for it to do—and I’m confident that customers will have even more ideas we haven’t thought of (yet).

That’s why we’re offering Astro as part of Day 1 Editions, a program that gives you access to our most ambitious ideas. Starting today, customers interested in Astro can sign up to request an invite when it starts shipping.


There is a lot to unpack here so we’d recommend heading to Amazon’s press release to read up some more about Astro the home robot. Astro will cost you US$1,449.99 with an introductory price of US$999.99.

What do you think of the home robot? What do you think of Astro? Please share your thoughts on any of the social media pages listed below. You can also comment on our MeWe page by joining the MeWe social network.


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