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Back in the day, you may have eagerly anticipated the new automobile shows that popped up each fall. Today, however, you have to face the reality that SUV designs are pretty similar and not all that inspiring. Fortunately, fall and winter have become the seasons for new tech arrivals. Innovation tends to make our digital gadgets more unique, attractive, and functional every year.

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It is important not to close the door on these devices by thinking of them as unneeded luxuries. After all, it was little more than a decade ago — before Uber, cell phone GPS, handheld video streaming — that no one ever heard of a smartphone. Now they have become virtual necessities. You may find some of these new devices listed here to be just as essential.

At the top of the list

Yes, cell phones can do many things like surf the net, order pizza with a touch and turn your photo into a cat, but as far as functionality is concerned, running the most essential software requires a real computer. Fortunately, laptops are now as versatile as desktops or all-in-ones. You will find that there are many sleek, fast, dependable machines available this fall. Depending on the setting where you will use your portable device, it is worth checking out some of the rugged laptops coming onto the market. These designs are said to be rain, shock, and dustproof. Make sure to get one that looks good and feels right since these units will outlast most consumer machines by far.

It is all entertaining

The world is streaming its way into your home these days with 85-inch, 8 million pixel televisions. Check out the newest noise-cancelling headphones. Or, if you decide to listen to what is going on, there are some nine-inch tall speakers that give concert-quality sound reproduction. How about a new flat-screen television with impeccable color that is perfect for gaming as well as streaming and is designed, so that screen burn is impossible? Remember the old Super 8 projectors? Now there are affordable portable projectors that adjust to screens from 30 to 150 inches. Want to take all your entertainment tech outside? There are portable power generators about the size of a breadbox that will light your night.

Getting personal

As the internet of things (IoT) becomes more commonplace, the available smart devices for your home become more ingenious, affordable, and useful. Remember when you had to clap your hands to turn the light? Now you can tell your light bulb to turn on (and program it to ignore your spouse telling it to turn off). There are many new security options, including those with cameras that focus and zoom in on someone walking across the yard. You also have your choice of smart thermostats, the best of which learns from the settings you select and chooses the ideal time to start warming things up or cooling them down. How about a smart lock that fits over your deadbolt without preventing you from using your key? The possibilities continue to expand smartly.

Home is business

If you are one of the many who found that you could work from home as productively as from your old office, then you may find some of these new tech devices will make you even more productive. Have you heard of blue light glasses? The reason you can work from home is because of the internet, though staring at a monitor eight hours a day can take its toll on your eyes. How about a desk bike? You can literally ride an exercise bicycle while you work on an adjustable computer desk above it. Also, consider the conference speakerphone: no screen, no kids or cats in the background, just audio. Wonder why no one thought of it before?

Trying out the newest tech devices is all about being productive, and it is okay if it happens to be fun. What new tech are you looking forward to trying out? Let us know on social media by using the buttons below.


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