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If you’ve been asking for a pair of noise-canceling headphones that are solar-powered and can give you virtually infinite playtime, well, Los Angeles is here. Urbanista, a Swedish audio brand, has just announced headphones that match the descriptor above.

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UPDATE October 14, 2021: The Urbanista Los Angeles solar-powered headphones are NOW AVAILABLE for US$199.99 on the Urbanista website HERE.

The Los Angeles is the world’s first self-charging, wireless active noise-canceling headphones powered by Powerfoyle solar cell material. Using “advanced green technology,” Los Angeles converts all forms of light, outdoor and indoor, into energy to deliver “virtually infinite playtime.” These cans are priced at $US199, which is actually pretty damn good if the ANC is good and Powerfoyle performs as advertised.

The virtually infinite playtime claim does come with some caveats. According to Urbanista, playtime calculations are estimations based on certain lighting, charging and usage conditions and an initially fully charged battery. Estimations for outdoor conditions are based on lux values of at least 30,000 lux, and for indoor conditions on lux values of at least 1,000 lux. Actual conditions and playtime may vary whilst using the product.

Urbanista Los Angeles Powerfoyle headband
The Powerfoyle headband

Here’s what the company’s press release had to say about the Los Angeles:

Urbanista Los Angeles brings revolutionary innovation to the headphone market and is designed to live up to the brand’s tagline, ‘Designed for Life in Motion’. For the first time ever, you can experience virtually unlimited listening with solar charging. Los Angeles never stops charging when exposed to light, both outdoors and indoors, providing a nonstop audio experience.

Just an hour spent outside on a sunny day with Urbanista Los Angeles generates three hours of playtime. Cloudy day? For every hour spent outside, you still get two hours of playtime. The headphones even charge in ambient light – wearing them indoors in a well-lit room or office will keep the headphones charging. When you’re not using Los Angeles, simply leave them by the window for an hour to add another full hour of playtime.

To deliver this limitless audio experience, Urbanista has teamed up with Exeger, a Swedish innovation company, that has created groundbreaking solar cell technology. Exeger’s material, Powerfoyle™, converts any form of light into clean energy and can be seamlessly integrated into any design. For the first time, it is now powering headphones, enabling endless energy to music lovers around the world.

Urbanista CEO Anders Andreen comments: “Urbanista Los Angeles is everything we stand for as a brand, in a product. Bringing together innovation, sustainability, and all the features you could wish for in a headphone, Urbanista Los Angeles is designed for someone who lives an on-the-go lifestyle. We are proud to partner with Exeger, and their cutting-edge technology, to bring a world first to market.”

Exeger CEO Giovanni Fili says: “This is the start of a revolution in consumer electronics. In close collaboration with Urbanista, we now launch the world’s first self-powered wireless headphones. I strongly believe that once users experience the freedom of endless energy, there’s no way we’re going back to plugging a USB charger into the wall. We are extremely excited about this product and confident that people around the world are going to love it.”

With Los Angeles, you are always in complete control of your audio experience. Just the press of a button activates advanced hybrid Active Noise Cancelling, instantly reducing unwanted background noise, or switches on Ambient Sound Mode so you can stay aware of important surrounding sounds.

Los Angeles’ wireless design gives you both freedom and control thanks to the on-ear detection feature that pauses the audio when the headphones are removed and restarts it when they are put back in place. Los Angeles is adjustable for an entirely custom fit. The smooth cushioned shells sit securely over the ear, allowing you to comfortably enjoy unlimited listening.


Urbanista Los Angeles Features

  • Virtually infinite playtime
  • Always charging when exposed to light, both outdoors and indoors
  • 50h battery reserve
  • Hybrid active noise canceling
  • Ambient sound mode
  • On-ear detection
  • USB Type-C charging
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Siri and Google Assistant
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows
Urbanista Los Angeles

To be the first to know when the product will be available for pre-order, you can sign up at Urbanista’s website.

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