Oppo may be launching its first foldable next month, challenging king Samsung


The image above is an older Oppo foldable prototype, and Oppo’s first consumer marketed foldable could look like it. The foldable is still a fairly new category, and the undisputed king of that category is Samsung. Other smartphone makers have yet to step into the ring to challenge Sammy, and some have stepped out, like TCL.

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But Oppo seems to be stepping up to the challenge with rumors of its first foldable coming next month. While this is exciting for the market, it remains to be seen how well Oppo will do. The company doesn’t sell its devices in North America, and even if you import them, they’re not always compatible with all of the carrier frequencies in North America. Here’s what GSMArena reported on this potential new foldable:

In fact, according to the newest rumor out of China, we should expect the foldable to be announced in November. It will allegedly have an 8″ foldable internal display with 120 Hz refresh rate and LTPO technology, which probably means it will be made by Samsung. The phone will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, which is a strange move considering the timing – the successor to the 888 should be unveiled in December, with one or two phones for the Chinese market running it already being made official by the end of this year.


If this device is actually coming to market, it will likely be mostly in China, India, and maybe some countries in the European Union. There’s no word on what the new Oppo foldable will cost, but rumors say it won’t be cheap. Samsung struggled to bring the Z Fold3 price down and had to make some sacrifices to get the Z Flip3 price under US$1000.

For now, Samsung is really the only smartphone maker playing the foldable game, but we’re excited to watch other players step up, even if their products aren’t available to us.

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