4Privacy App promises to secure your private communications and information


Online and data privacy is becoming a real issue for everyone. Many tech-savvy users have been taking steps to secure our private data from big tech for a while now. But normie users are just waking up to realize that they may want to think about their data privacy. That’s where the 4Privacy App steps in.

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The 4Privacy App is funded through Kickstarter and is backed and partnered with the YouTube channel, Smarter Every Day. The app lets you store, organize, and share information privately, and you can quickly access passwords, insurance cards, estate plans, or whatever you store within the app. Here are some of the main points on the 4Privacy App Kickstarter page:

  • Ensure the people in your life have the information they need, when they need it. Revoking access is simple, and you can change your mind anytime.
  • Helpful resources and tailored suggestions make it easy to tackle important tasks – even the ones you’ve been putting off.
  • We believe you have a right to:
    • digital privacy
    • a safe place to store your digital information
    • control your own data (who can access it, and when)
    • have conversations online with the same privacy of being alone and in person
    • not be monitored by big tech, the government, or anyone else
  • We’re working on technology that:
    • is end-to-end encrypted with AES-256
    • is distributed
    • has a strong, passwordless identity system
    • facilitates easy and secure data storage
    • gives you control of your data even after it has been shared with others
    • is zero-knowledge – no third parties can see your information, not even us
    • generates your encryption keys on your device so they stay private and only accessible by you
    • affords you the benefits of the cloud, while preventing cloud providers from seeing your information
    • can improve and change as cryptography and technology evolve
    • doesn’t make you choose between ease of use and strong security

The two videos below are a bit long but worth watching if you want to know more about the 4Privacy App and its methodology and goals.

For more information or to support the 4Privacy App, check out the Kickstarter Page.

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