University students in China sue Apple for not including charger with iPhone


Last year, Apple stopped including a charging brick with its popular iPhone. The company’s logic was that it was trying to reduce e-waste, and most users already had charging bricks or charging methods they could use to charge their new iPhone. Apple did include a USB-C cable with the phone, but the charging brick is a thing of the past for Apple.

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The company still sells the charging brick separately, should you require one. But that has left many users a little more than upset. Something that should come with a device that needs to be charged should be included with it. This has led university students in China to sue Apple for not including a charging brick with its iPhone 12 or 13.

The students claim that the provided USB-C to Lightning cable was incompatible with the charging bricks they already owned. The students also assert that Apple is lying about reducing e-waste to push its MagSafe charging solutions, which they claim are less efficient than wired options.

They want Apple to supply the charger as well as pay legal fees and 100 yuan ($16) for breach of contract.

Apple reportedly told the Beijing virtual court it was common for phone brands to sell power adapters separately, and that the government sanctioned this practice. However, the students pointed out that multiple Chinese companies offer the choice of an adapter in the box. You can buy the Xiaomi Mi 11 with or without a power brick, for example.


The case is ongoing, and we don’t think the students will be successful in winning. It’s also highly doubtful that Apple will change its mind about removing the iPhone charging brick from the box. Samsung may be going the same route soon as their Z Flip3 5G did not include a charging brick either.

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