This Mazda concept car will pull over if you have sudden health problems


The self-driving car has been something companies have been working on for years. Waymo is confident enough in its vehicle that it is starting to test it on New York City streets. But Mazda has a whole new concept car that it’s testing. One that can sense if you’re having a health issue and can pull over and stop.

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Today, Mazda included, vehicles already have many sensors and cameras that help drivers pay attention to the road and their surroundings. But this concept car takes things to another level and can sense if a heart attack or stroke impairs a driver. Mazda says that by 2025, the vehicle will be able to sense other health problems and take immediate action.

What’s involved are data from cameras inside the car, without resorting to laser sensors or other more obtrusive technology. And it’s going to be offered in affordable models, not just luxury vehicles. The technology holds promise for one of the most advanced aging societies in the world.

Mazda told reporters recently it has been working with medical experts, including Tsukuba University Hospital, researching the collected image data to figure out what a healthy driver looks like, as opposed to an incapacitated driver, suddenly slumped forward over the steering wheel.

Once recognizing a problem, Co-Pilot Concept, which has yet to have an official name, will bring that car to a stop in a safe spot, such as the curb of the road, as quickly as possible.

The car will be honking, with blinker and hazard lights flashing, according to Mazda, although the exact warning signals are still undecided. An emergency call to the ambulance and police will also get relayed.


Mazda will roll this technology out in Japan first, followed by Europe. Other companies are working on similar technology, and it will be interesting to see where this all leads. As for privacy concerns, personal data does not leave the car, according to Mazda.

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