Apple issues update to fix some Macs bricking with Monterey update


Around 4-days ago reports surfaced of some Mac users having their devices bricked by the latest macOS Monterey update. Of course, this angered a lot of users who now had nothing more than a $2K paperweight. Apple did not comment on the Monterey bricking problem but instead quietly went about fixing the issue.

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Apple has announced a new update and fix for some of the Monterey bricking problems, although they didn’t offer a cause. The fix will only work on Macs with the Apple T2 chip, covering almost all Intel Macs released from 2018 and forward.

“We have identified and fixed an issue with the firmware on the Apple T2 security chip that prevented a very small number of users from booting up their Mac after updating macOS,” the statement reads. “The updated firmware is now included with the existing macOS updates. Any users impacted by this issue can contact Apple Support for assistance.”

Apple Statement via Rene Ritchie

The statement doesn’t address similar complaints by owners of pre-T2 Macs. We’ve asked Apple whether there are other fixes coming—as we explained earlier this week, these kinds of problems can be caused by everything from software and firmware bugs to underlying hardware issues, so it’s possible that these reports are one-off problems that Apple can’t fix on its end.


If Monterey did brick your Mac, you can follow Apple’s detailed recovery process or contact Apple Support for assistance. You could also make an appointment at the Apple Store and have one of their techs help you.

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