The Synology DS3622xs+ and DS2422+ are 12-Bay NAS powerhouses


Synology has been doing NAS’s for a long time, and they’ve nearly mastered their hardware and software. It’s hard to find something better than a Synology NAS for your business or personal use. The company has announced two new 12-Bay NAS storage solutions geared towards business but could be used by anyone.

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Synology also announced the DX1222 companion expansion unit, and they say both of these devices have the computing power to match their storage power. The DS3622xs+ is rocking a 6-core Intel Xeon CPU while the DS2422+ is kicking the 4-core AMD Ryzen. The Intel version gets 16GB DDR4 ECC of RAM and is expandable to 48GB. The AMD version gets 4GB DDR4 EEC of RAM and is expandable to 32GB.

Random read-write (IOPS) speeds for the Intel version are 260k/97k for the Intel version, and the AMD manages 124k/52k. Sequential read-write sits at 4,700/2,400 MB/s for the Intel version and the AMD is 2,200/1,300 MB/s.

The network interface for the Intel version includes 3 x 1GbE RJ-45 ports and 2 x 10GbE RJ-45 ports. The AMD version has 4 x 1GbE RJ-45 ports. There is also space for add-in cards.

The Synology DS3622xs+ and DS2422+ are 12-Bay NAS powerhouses
Synology DS3622xs+

“The DS3622xs+ and DS2422+ serve a very diverse market of businesses and creatives who need ample amounts of secure and fast storage, without deploying a rack-mount server and the associated costs,” said Peggy Weng, product manager at Synology Inc. “They stretch what is possible in a tower form factor to provide an excellent solution for all types of power uses.”

The DS2422+ offers reliable mass storage and efficient data protection for a wide range of scenarios. Expandable to 24 bays, the DS2422+ is perfect for serving and protecting large data sets in multi-user environments. A new processor gives it an impressive edge over its predecessor.

Dependable 2,200/1,300 MB/s sequential read/write speeds, plenty of storage options, and cost-effective deployment make it an ideal choice for small and medium- sized businesses looking to manage and back up their data assets more productively.

A step up in capabilities, the DS3622xs+ boasts processing and ample built-in connectivity to support heavy duty applications, including network surveillance, backup server, storage for virtual machines, and direct video editing. The high- performance unit delivers over 260,000 4K random read IOPS and 4,700/2,400 MB/s sequential read/write speeds, making it a true storage powerhouse.

“The impressive storage performance of the DS3622xs+ is ideal for businesses that need heavy-duty storage for I/O-intensive and multi-user workloads,” said Michael
Wang, product manager at Synology Inc. “Its robust built-in data protection tools and intuitive storage management helps users to properly manage their data.”

Both the DS3622xs+ and DS2422+ are designed to optimally work with Synology enterprise drives. The HAT5300 3.5″ SATA HDD and SAT5200 2.5″ SATA SSD are engineered specially to provide class-leading performance and DSM integration for enhanced monitoring and maintenance capabilities.

The Synology DS3622xs+ and DS2422+ are 12-Bay NAS powerhouses

DS2422+, DS3622xs+, and DX1221 are now available from Synology resellers and partners. Visit the Synology website for more information and where to buy.

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