These are three advancements in smart cookware


New, innovative kitchen appliances seem to hit the market every year. Whether it’s the latest smart refrigerator or the wildly popular air fryers, cooking has been made easier with these advances in cookware.

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Smart cookware is on the rise, and it’s expected that the global smart kitchen market will reach an estimated $43 billion by 2027. Kitchens are essential to any home, as they’re a general meeting point for family members and friends and the best place to enjoy a nice, home-cooked meal.

Let’s explore more about the history of cookware, how it’s developed over the years, and some of the latest advances in cookware.

Basic History of Cookware

It’s easy to take advantage of the convenience of modern cooking. Heating leftovers in the microwave only takes a couple of minutes now, whereas heating food would’ve taken much longer during ancient times.

Just 100 years ago, you would’ve had to consider the type of material you used in your cookware to see if it would interact with the foods you were cooking with. Some combinations would even be corrosive or toxic, requiring close attention to detail. Now, most cookware is specifically designed to be safe for most types of cooking techniques.

Some historians debate over when the first cookware appeared on the scene, but hot stone cooking indeed came to the forefront over 30,000 years ago. Since then, of course, cookware has evolved. Ceramic cookware came just before metal cookware, which the Romans developed.

The development of metal cooking instruments was a significant step for the Romans, who invented metal colanders, steamers, frying pans, and more. Metal conducts heat more evenly, and these instruments are easier to clean than anything made out of clay.

There’s plenty more to discover about cookware history, but we’ll keep it short.

Next, let’s get into some of the latest advancements made in cookware and what types of appliances can make cooking in your home even more accessible.

Advances in Smart Technology Lead to New Cookware

One expert, Sharon Franke, believes that by 2028, we’ll have a plethora of smart kitchen appliances to choose from. We already have smart devices, and often they’re Alexa-enabled, making cooking even easier. Who knew that voice assistants could preheat the oven or let us know when it’s time to take out the cake?

Below are some of the newest advances in smart kitchen tech perfect for those who live in the kitchen or can barely toast bread.

These are three advancements in smart cookware
Tovala Steam Oven

1. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-Enabled Appliances

Smart kitchen appliances that connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth have been on the market for quite a while now. Brands like GE, Samsung, and LG have mass-produced many instruments that make your kitchen smarter.

Kitchen items that connect to Wi-Fi often have apps on your smartphone, too, so you can set it and forget it. In other words, some appliances, like the Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi, allow you to monitor your cooking from anywhere in the house. The Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi and other products like it have made it that much easier to create your favorite recipes or try out new ones.

Additionally, some of these appliances connect to Amazon Alexa so that you can use voice controls throughout the cooking process.

2. Countertop Appliances

Rather than break the bank on high-end kitchen appliances, some people are investing more in small, high-tech devices that fit right on the counter. They essentially do all of the cooking for you.

Take new smart ovens, like the Tovala Steam Oven or the Brava Oven, for example. Instead of using a traditional range for baking or cooking food, you can use these alternatives to save space but still get your food cooked to your preferences. These ovens can steam, broil and bake whatever you desire.

Countertop appliances, like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled kitchen appliances, have apps that give you more control over your cooking. It’s pretty easy to cook with countertop appliances.

3. Small, Powerful Gadgets

Many small, smart kitchen gadgets are available on the market to save even more space. Here are some examples that pack a punch in the kitchen and take up minimal space:

  • Meater+: A great gift to give is the Meater+. It’s a highly sought-after smart thermometer that can help you cook your meat to your desired temperature. You insert the thermometer into your food and look at the app to see how much time is left to cook it! It’s small and lightweight and connects to Wi-Fi as well.
  • Vitamix Smart Scale: This smart scale can help novice and experienced cooks create delicious meals. The scale allows you to measure out your ingredients and build perfect portions. An accompanying smartphone app can guide users through the cooking process.
  • Bartesian Cocktail Machine: Speaking of cocktails, a small yet powerful smart cocktail machine, the Bartesian, will undoubtedly wow your guests at your next gathering. It’s compact, and like the Smart Scale, it has an accompanying app that can guide users through making the perfect cocktail.

These are great examples of some of the recent advances made in cookware. We’ve come a long way since the early days of using ceramic pottery or hot stones.

Using Smart Cookware in the Kitchen

It shouldn’t surprise that appliances are becoming more connected and capable of accomplishing different kitchen tasks. Soon enough, it’ll feel like we’re living out an episode of the Jetsons. Consider using some of the products listed above to make your home and kitchen just a bit smarter.

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