Facebook employees are losing confidence in their leadership, survey finds


Facebook runs two internal surveys to measure employee sentiment every year. The latest found some results that Facebook, which recently changed its name to Meta, may not find favorable.

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The recently leaked internal survey found that the social media company’s workers are increasingly losing confidence in top leadership, and less than half shared their “intent to stay.” 

However, the survey, titled “Pulse,” also found that they’ve grown more satisfied with direct management. This comes when Facebook is facing an executive exodus, where many top company officials have left or plan on leaving in 2022. The head of Messenger, Stan Chudnovsky, reported that he’d be stepping down in the second quarter of 2022. 

Here are other executives that left Facebook this year:

  • Deborah Liu, the head of Facebook Marketplace, left last February.
  • David Fischer, chief revenue officer, announced his resignation in March.
  • Kevin Weil, a co-founder of Facebook’s Novi crypto division, also announced that he’d be leaving in March.
  • Carolyn Everson, advertising chief, left in June and is now president of Instacart.
  • Fidji Simo, head of the Facebook app, left in July and is CEO of Instacart.
  • Mark D’Arcy, chief creative officer, left in August.
  • Mike Schroepfer, Facebook’s technology chief, said he’d be leaving.
  • David Marcus, head of Facebook’s cryptocurrency efforts, said he’d leave sometime in 2022.
  • Julien Codorniou, head of Facebook’s Workplace enterprise communications software, shared that he left to work in venture capital. 

There are likely many contributing factors leading to these executives leaving. There could be many reasons why they resigned — it may or may not be related to the Pulse survey results. However, Facebook is likely on high alert and trying to hang on to the executives that still work there. 

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Exploring the Pulse Survey Results

Staff provided favorable responses for a section in the survey titled “What everyone at Facebook thinks of their direct managers,” which had categories such as “people” with an 84% favorable rating, “collaboration” with an 83% agreeable rating and “team impact” with an 85% positive rating.

When staff was asked about their opinion of Facebook as a business and their personal experience at the company, respondents shared less favorable ratings. 

One section titled “What everyone at Facebook thinks about the company” had a favorable response of only 65%, which was down two percentage points from the survey conducted earlier in 2021. 

Regarding “optimism,” staff reportedly rated it to be at 51%, which was an 11-point drop since the last survey, and “pride” fell seven percentage points to 55%. Only 47% of staff responded favorably with their “intention to stay” at the company. 

Facebook’s Plans for the Future

According to one Facebook spokesperson, feedback is a valued aspect of the company’s culture. They said in an interview, “Feedback is an integral part of our culture and we regularly conduct internal employee surveys to find out where we are doing well or where we need to improve.” 

They also said, “In areas where we’ve seen declines, we hear from our people, take their feedback seriously and most importantly, take action.” This is a good step in the right direction. When employees feel listened to, they’re 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered and do their best work.

The survey results may help Facebook navigate this executive exodus and tumultuous time. Employees may feel more satisfied in their positions if feedback is taken seriously. 

What will the future look like for Facebook? It’s challenging to know for sure, but Mark Zuckerberg believes the new metaverse will revolutionize the internet as we know it.

It will be crucial for Facebook to prioritize employee satisfaction, as the evidence suggests they don’t feel too optimistic about the company’s future. Only time will tell if the company can make the improvements needed to retain its workers.

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Last Updated on December 28, 2021.


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