[CES 2022] JLab announces GO Air Tones, earbuds that match your skin tone


The audio space is pretty chocked full of brands and products that it can be tough to stand out in the market. JLab Audio is one of the audio brands that actively attempts to stand out, and while they aren’t successful with every attempt, this time, I think they were. The company has announced the JLab GO Air Tones earbuds.

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The GO Air Tones are earbuds that you can customize to your skin tone, or at least as close as you can get to your skin tone. JLab says the idea came from its customers who have asked them for more subtle colors rather than the vibrant ones JLab has produced in the past. Here’s what the JLab press release had to say:

JLab partnered with ORLY Color Labs, a division of the Los Angeles-based nail care brand ORLY for the color selection process.

If you don’t follow the nail care space closely, ORLY Color Labs is a leader in creating custom nail polishes, including nude polishes for different skin tones. ORLY used data from existing colors and their experience in mixing shades to flatter a wide range of skin tones requested by their customers. The launch of GO Air Tones includes a mix of seven Pantone colors with warm, neutral, and cool undertones. JLab will have a feedback form on its website to solicit feedback for future color updates.

MSRP for GO Air Tones is $20, and they are built off the GO Air POP framework, which launched earlier this year. The GO Air Tones feature custom-tuned 6mm neodymium dynamic drivers and three distinct EQ settings to achieve your preferred sound curve from JLab Signature, Bass Boost, and Balanced. GO Air Tones feature class-leading 32+ hours of playtime, dual connect technology so each earbud can be used independently for calls or audio.

For those prone to losing individual earbuds, JLab will also sell replacement pieces at a fraction of the cost.

JLab Audio
[CES 2022] JLab announces GO Air Tones, earbuds that match your skin tone
The new JLab GO Air Tones aim to blend in with you.

If you are wondering how you’d look in GO Air Tones, you can try them on via JLab’s online fitting room here.

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