[CES 2022] Lenovo announces Smart Clock Essential and Ambient Light Dock


In 2019 Lenovo and Google teamed up for the first Lenovo Smart Clock. The Smart Clock was well-received but did have some bugs and issues coming out of the gate. Lenovo has since been refining the Smart Clock, and this year the latest version has been dubbed the Smart Clock Essential.

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This new Lenovo Smart Clock also has a new accessory called the Lenovo Ambient Light Dock. This new Smart Clock has Alexa built-in, so that means you can do all of your Alexa-type things on it, such as setting alarms, adding to shopping lists, asking about the weather, and more.

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential

Lenovo Smart Clock Essentials CES 2022
Lenovo Smart Clock Essential with Alexa Built-in is available in January 2022, starting at US$59.99.

With its big and bold LED display, check out the time and weather forecast from across the room, or just ask Alexa. Created to be the ideal nightstand companion, simply tap to dismiss an alarm or snooze and sleep better with its screen’s auto-dim capability. Built without a camera and with an included mute switch for mics, the features of the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential with Alexa Built-in let you rest easier knowing that maintaining your privacy is always top of mind for Lenovo.

Its organic exterior aesthetic with stylish seamless tubing is offered in two hues including Misty Blue and Clay Red and wrapped in a soft touch fabric that blends in with nearly any home décor. Don’t worry about your phone though, we’ve included a full-size USB port for convenient charging and fewer cords by your bedside.

Love music? It’s also a smart speaker for streaming songs via your Wi-Fi network from Amazon Music and similar streaming apps, as well as audiobooks and podcasts. Its 3W full range speaker fires forward filling the room with crisp audio and good vibes. Continuously listen to favorite content around the house by creating speaker groups, or set up a one-to-all intercom system to announce dinnertime.


Lenovo Ambient Light Dock

Lenovo Ambient Light Dock CES 2022 1

Display your personal style as you showcase the time with multiple customizable clock faces, or choose from Lenovo’s growing ecosystem of optional smart docking accessories to personalize your Smart Clock Essential with Alexa Built-in starting with the new Lenovo Ambient Light Dock.

Use it as a nightlight on the clock’s base to provide ambient light in the room with eight lighting modes, such as solid colors like cherry and ocean blue, warm sunset tones, gorgeous rainbow light, as well as rhythmic motion lighting with colors fading in and out for a moment of zen. To choose your favorite light setting, either double tap the top of the Smart Clock Essential with Alexa Built-in to cycle through the choices, change ambient light settings via voice command or by using the Alexa app.

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential CES 2022 2
Lenovo Ambient Light Dock is expected to be available starting in Q1 2022 and will start at US$29.99.

Able to delight young kids or anyone young at heart, these cute Squid and Sealion-inspired Ambient Light Docks expand the choices available to personalize your Lenovo Smart Clock experience, on top of the already available Lenovo Wireless Charging Dock with Night Light introduced last year alongside Lenovo Smart Clock 2 that helps get rid of unnecessary clutter and cords by being your night light and charging pad.


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