[CES 2022] TCL announces education-focused devices; NXTPAPER 10s, BOOK 14 Go, TAB 8 4G, and TAB 10L


The education segment is a big market for technology products, and TCL is jumping in with both feet this year. The company has announced a flurry of education-focused devices—the latest version of its NXTPAPER tablet, the TAB 8 4G, and TAB 10L.

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The company has also made its first Windows laptop in the BOOK 14 Go. The company says it is putting more effort into the education segment, starting with these new devices.

“As we enter our third year as the TCL Mobile brand, we are thrilled to continue building and expanding into even more product categories while also enhancing the user experience in the tablet space,” said Stefan Streit, CMO of TCL Communication, “Our CES product portfolio emphasizes the importance of our children’s education, and we are dedicated to providing features and solutions to our users, regardless of age, that help promote learning and growth.”


TCL’s Devices for Education


[CES 2022] TCL announces education-focused devices; NXTPAPER 10s, BOOK 14 Go, TAB 8 4G, and TAB 10L

The TCL NXTPAPER 10s is designed specifically with a focus on eye protection. Blue right reduction is front and center, with the feature built directly into both the tablet’s software and hardware. Its paper-like display design utilizes 10 layers of protection to retain natural colours, setting an industry standard. The display is TÜV certified and reduces blue light through the screen by over 50%. Users will also enjoy clear viewing from any angle due to the display’s anti-glare finish.

This innovation makes looking at screens much safer and more comfortable, providing an overall better user experience. Learners will find they can annotate their essays and read documents without irritation.

The TCL NXTPAPER 10s is ideal for studying or writing down notes on the pressure sensitive screen, thanks to the company’s proprietary T Pen. Its 8000mAh battery results in more than a full day of learning, entertainment and creativity can be unleashed. Folio Keyboard and Writing Board accessories help boost on-the-go productivity further still.

At launch the TCL NXTPAPER 10s will be priced starting at $249 and will first come to China and Europe later this month.


TAB 8 4G and TAB 10L

[CES 2022] TCL announces education-focused devices; NXTPAPER 10s, BOOK 14 Go, TAB 8 4G, and TAB 10L

TCL is also launching a pair of budget education tablets, starting with the lightweight TAB 8 4G. With a compact design and 4080mAh battery life, it’s the perfect companion for everyone. Its included LTE cellular connectivity keeps you online when Wi-Fi isn’t available.

For a larger tablet experience, the TCL TAB 10L is an immersive alternative – ideal for entertainment and productivity. The 10.1-inch HD touch screen is a perfect size for large format course books.

The TAB 8 4G will be priced at $129 starting in Europe from Q1 2022. The TAB 10L is $99 and will be available in select markets from Q1 2022.



TCL BOOK 14 Go CES 2022 Techaeris images

TCL is expanding its product range to laptops, launching first with TCL BOOK 14 Go, a Windows 11 laptop designed for students and young professionals entering the working world.

With a slim bezel and striking metal frame, TCL BOOK 14 Go is both immersive and sleek. Measuring at 13.95 mm thin, one of the thinnest in its price range, it comes with an ample 14.1-inch display, weighs only 1.3kg and is super portable – just slip it out of a backpack, flip it open and start working, whether in a café, on a train, or in a lecture hall.

4G LTE connectivity and excellent battery life will reassure users they can get an essay, report, or assignment complete anytime, anywhere – in the hubbub of a café, a quiet spot in the library, or at their workspace. Additionally, Snapdragon® 7c compute platform makes it easy to turn the laptop on in a flash while delivering up to 12-hour battery life, getting students and professionals through a full day of education and learning. With seamless switching between Wi-Fi and 4G, customers won’t have to hunt for Wi-Fi or use mobile hotspots anymore. It is safer for privacy and more convenient.


TCL has a longstanding investment in education for all ages – from children and young adults to college students and young professionals. Education solutions are accessible across its entire product range.

The company’s long-term vision to promote joyful education is represented through its recent partnership with Squirrel AI Learning, which delivers personalized, intelligent, and adaptive education solutions for kids.

Aspiring to bridge high-quality, incredible value solutions for carriers, customers, and partners across all product categories, TCL is an advocate of equal education for all through fun, engaging, and interactive experiences.

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