[CES 2022] Lenovo announces new ThinkPad X1 Carbon 10th Gen, X1 Yoga 7th Gen and X1 Nano 2nd Gen


CES 2022 is chugging along, and Lenovo continues to announce new hardware. We’re looking at the new ThinkPad and ThinkVision laptops and monitors this time. Lenovo says the latest X1 Carbon 10th Gen, X1 Yoga 7th Gen and X1 Nano 2nd Gen further push the boundaries of timeless ThinkPad design and purposeful engineering.

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Lenovo says the new ThinkPad line is for hybrid workers and professionals looking for performance and collaboration capabilities. The new ThinkPad line has a better camera and 360-degree far-field quad-array microphones. And, of course, the security users expect from ThinkPad.

ThinkPad 2022

[CES 2022] Lenovo announces new ThinkPad X1 Carbon 10th Gen, X1 Yoga 7th Gen and X1 Nano 2nd Gen
X1 Carbon G10

We are very excited about our latest laptops, and as we enter the 30th year of relentless pursuits for perfection, we are very fortunate that ThinkPad has become an industry icon. We relish the opportunities that technology will bring over the next 30 years as we strive to delight existing fans and hope to discover new ones.

ThinkPad X1 Carbon has reached a milestone 10th Gen and continues to offer everything a modern professional would need; ThinkPad X1 Yoga 7th Gen with its machined premium aluminum design is stylish and powerful. All models now support 12th Gen Intel Core P-series processors that offer a significant leap in performance, including our flagship and still our lightest ThinkPad ever, the less than 1kg ThinkPad X1 Nano 2nd Gen.

X1 Yoga G7
X1 Yoga 7th Gen

A key design feature is the new communications bar that integrates improved FHD webcam options, Privacy Shutter and 360-degree far field quad-array microphones. The bar design allows a camera with a larger sensor than what is usually found on laptops. The 1.4µm sensor increases image quality especially in low light conditions.

The new Computer Vision technology available in select models of the latest ThinkPad X1’s uses a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) that generates metadata from the integrated camera based on known recognition and AI algorithm modeling3.

The technology offers smarter Human Presence Detection that recognizes humans and their intention to use the PC, as opposed to a passing colleague in the office or a cat at home, and therefore will only wake up and unlock for them, adding an additional layer of convenience. It even works when the user is wearing a protective face mask. To save power, Computer Vision can also turn off or dim the display when the user looks away, improving energy efficiency and adding an extra layer of privacy while working in public places.

X1 Nano CES 2022
X1 Nano 2nd Gen

Further enhancements address the critical needs of a hybrid workforce in the areas of performance, user experience, connectivity, and security. Highlights include:

  • Performance:
  • Latest Intel 12 th Gen Core with Intel vPro options including U15 and P28 processors
  • Windows 11 Pro offers next generation operating system experience
  • Faster LPDDR5 memory and PCIe Gen 4 storage options reduce system latency
  • New air-intake keyboard design on X1 Carbon and X1 Yoga improves thermal performance
  • User Experience:
  • Vivid displays including new 2.8k OLED options for X1 Carbon and 4K OLED options for X1 Yoga plus Eyesafe certified low blue light panels
  • New 1.4µm sensor FHD camera with optional Computer Vision technology
  • Dolby suite creates a multimedia powerhouse including Dolby Atmos® Speaker System, Dolby Vision® on supported displays and Dolby Voice with AI noise cancellation now also available on X1 Nano for crystal clear audio conferencing
  • Connectivity and Security:
  • Wi-Fi 6E is now available for better bandwidth on crowded networks and when Wi-Fi is not available, users can opt for Cat16 4G LTE or 5G sub-6 WWAN connections
  • ThinkShield Firmware Resiliency 2.0 further enhances security by extending protection, detection, and recovery of additional components
  • Computer Vision improves user presence detection, simplifies login, and enhances privacy
  • ThinkPad X1’s are ready to support Tile’s full suite of finding features, so users can locate their PC up to 14 days, even when it’s shut down

Pricing and Availability

  • ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 10 will be available from March 2022, with an expected starting price of $1639.
  • ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 7 will be available from March 2022, with an expected starting price of $1749.
  • ThinkPad X1 Nano Gen 2 will be available from April 2022, with an expected starting price of $1659.

Be sure to read our full coverage of CES 2022 here. What do you think of these new laptops? Please share your thoughts on any of the social media pages listed below. You can also comment on our MeWe page by joining the MeWe social network.


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