The Best of CES 2022: XPS 13 Plus, OMEN 45L, Samsung The Freestyle, MoonBikes, and more


It’s that time of year, CES week! I have been going to CES since 2013 and last year the event was cancelled. This year it is back on but with many restrictions and requirements that kept us from making it out to Vegas. We’re not the only ones though, many other media including corporate media did not go. So this year, once again we are evaluating the Best of CES 2022 from afar.

Estimated reading time: 20 minutes

Given that most of the items on our list we could not actually see, it was again, hard to choose the Best of CES 2022. So it is with our best virtual judgement, that we went through what we could to pick what we thought was the Best of CES 2022.

Congratulations to all of the winners and read on for the full rundown of what we thought cut the mustard at CES this year.

Techaeris Best of CES 2022

Best 13” Premium Laptop: Dell XPS 13 Plus

The Best of CES 2022: XPS 13 Plus, OMEN 45L, Samsung The Freestyle, MoonBikes, and more
The Best of CES 2022: XPS 13 Plus, OMEN 45L, Samsung The Freestyle, MoonBikes, and more 23

While this is technically a redesign, it’s not grossly overdone or overthought. Dell struck a balance and paid tribute to its heritage while updating it simultaneously. The modern yet simple design tweaks only made this laptop look even sleeker than its older brothers.

The most noticeable difference in design is the keyboard and the apparent disappearance of the trackpad. That keyboard comes with broader keycaps which Dell calls “zero-lattice.” The top row of F keys has been replaced with a capacitive touch area, and you can switch between function keys and media keys. This reminds us of Apple’s TouchBar but maybe not as obnoxious and overthought.

Congrats to the Dell XPS 13 Plus for winning our Best of CES 2022 award!

Best Gaming Desktop: HP OMEN 45L

The Best of CES 2022: XPS 13 Plus, OMEN 45L, Samsung The Freestyle, MoonBikes, and more

If you’re looking for your next gaming desktop or ATX case, the HP OMEN 45L is a clear winner. Not only does it have a solid design, but the separate Cryo Chamber offers additional and better liquid-cooling for your CPU. Easily expandable and customizable, this desktop should last you for quite a few years should you pick on up.

Congrats to the HP OMEN 45L for winning our Best of CES 2022 award!

Best Small Projector: Samsung The Freestyle

The Best of CES 2022: XPS 13 Plus, OMEN 45L, Samsung The Freestyle, MoonBikes, and more

On the surface, The Freestyle portable projector by Samsung is a pretty decent first attempt from the company in this segment. It has a great picture and solid audio, however, some of the minor issues can make it a bit annoying to use at times. Hopefully, these are just issues with our pre-production unit and aren’t present in the final production units. On that note, hopefully, we’ll be able to have a look at a final production unit at some point soon and have a full review for you. Regardless, the Freestyle still earned our Best of CES 2022: Small Projector award.

Congrats to the Samsung The Freestyle for winning our Best of CES 2022 award!

Best Productivity Laptop: ThinkBook Plus Gen 3

The Best of CES 2022: XPS 13 Plus, OMEN 45L, Samsung The Freestyle, MoonBikes, and more

Expanding screen real-estate for improved productivity and efficiency usually requires connecting a second display which is not typically portable. ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 changes that by introducing the industry’s first 17.3-inch laptop with a built-in secondary 8-inch full-color LCD display.

Productive multitasking has become the new norm but often requires multiple devices and a larger workspace. Now with ThinkBook Plus Gen 3, that workspace becomes mobile. The ultra-wide 21:10 aspect ratio primary display already offers more space to take advantage of Windows 11 Snap layouts but adding a second touch-enabled display, with an integrated digital pen, presents new productive scenarios.

Congrats to the ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 for winning our Best of CES 2022 award!

Best Creator/Gaming Monitor: Samsung The Ark

The Best of CES 2022: XPS 13 Plus, OMEN 45L, Samsung The Freestyle, MoonBikes, and more

Odyssey Ark is a next-generation gaming screen perfect for people doing everything from editing to gaming at home. The Ark is the new industry-leading gaming display with a curved 55-inch display and 16:9 aspect ratio.

The HAS (Height Adjustable Stand), pivot and tilt functionality, in addition to advanced ergonomic design, offers every gamer optimal comfort. This new vertical cockpit-style rotating display provides a new gaming experience and allows portrait or landscape orientation for multi-tasking and multi-window setup.

Multiview options allow users to adjust Odyssey Ark exactly how they want it with a totally adaptable screen size to fit the game or the program without compromising its 4K display and bright, colorful images. The monitor also features a wireless, dial controller to manage lighting and the interface.

Congrats to The Ark for winning our Best of CES 2022 award!

Best Gaming Monitor: BenQ MOBIUZ EX3410R

The Best of CES 2022: XPS 13 Plus, OMEN 45L, Samsung The Freestyle, MoonBikes, and more

The BenQ MOBIUZ lineup is geared towards casual gamers. We recently reviewed the EX3210R, a decent curved gaming monitor with integrated 2.1 audio. The company is going slightly bigger with the EX3410R, a 34-inch 1000R curved gaming monitor with an ultrawide WQHD resolution and a 144Hz refresh rate.

The 1000R curvature offers a more immersive experience. The 144Hz (DisplayPort, 120Hz HDMI) refresh rate offers smooth gameplay with a 2ms GtG and 1ms MRPT response time. The VA panel is pretty bright as well, with a peak HDR brightness of 400 nits and a typical brightness of 350 nits.

Congrats to the BenQ MOBIUZ EX3410R for winning our Best of CES 2022 award!

Best Gaming Laptop: Alienware m17 R5 Ryzen

The Best of CES 2022: XPS 13 Plus, OMEN 45L, Samsung The Freestyle, MoonBikes, and more

Each Ryzen configuration also includes our patent-pending Smart Fan control technology where each individual fan can independently spin up, slow down or remain steady according to various sensors within the system.

Using a complex, yet well defined and confidential set of parameters, gamers can select from five uniquely Tailored Power States according to their needs including Full Speed (max power), Performance mode (graphics priority), Balanced mode (balanced CPU/GPU), battery save mode, and Quiet mode (acoustics priority).

Features three keyboard options with a 1.8mm key travel spanning a 1-zone AlienFX backlit keyboard, to a per-key AlienFX backlit keyboard, to the CherryMX ultra-low-profile mechanical laptop keyboard with per-key AlienFX lighting.

AMD Ryzen-based Alienware M Series laptops offer the latest wireless technologies from Qualcomm. Now offering the Qualcomm Wi-Fi 6E WCN6856 Dual 2×2 Wireless LAN, gamers can enjoy up to 6Ghz bands with speeds reaching up to 3.6Gbps as well as the ability to simultaneously connect across two 2.4Ghz channels and two 5Ghz channels.

Congrats to the Alienware m17 R5 Ryzen for winning our Best of CES 2022 award!

Best Affordable Smartphone: TCL 30 Series

The Best of CES 2022: XPS 13 Plus, OMEN 45L, Samsung The Freestyle, MoonBikes, and more

The TCL 30XE 5G features a smooth 90Hz refresh rate display and long-lasting battery, so customers will feel safe knowing their phone will last throughout the day and into the night. Thanks to its 5G capabilities, paired with 4GB of RAM, customers can enjoy fantastic connectivity and performance. The TCL 30XE 5G will be TCL’s first 5G smartphone available on T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile.

Exclusively available from Verizon, the TCL 30 V 5G has everything you need to create and capture content, including a triple rear camera featuring a 50 MP main camera. The smartphone’s 6.7-inch display, powered by The TCL 30 V 5G, available exclusively on Verizon, supports the company’s Ultra-Wideband 5G and Nationwide 5G networks. It comes with 128GB internal storage, a 4500mAh long-lasting battery, and a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core chipset.

The screen is a 6.7-inch Full HD+ panel, powered by TCL’s NXTVISION technology. Customers will be thrilled with its triple rear camera, great for social media, featuring a 50MP main camera as well as a super wide-angle lens, perfect for landscape images. There’s also a 16MP front camera with a macro lens for close-ups, ideal for taking selfies.

Both the TCL 30XE 5G and 30 V 5G come with AMOLED ultra-thin displays for true clarity and vividness. With anti-scratch resistance, all-day low blue light, and enhanced technology, customers will enjoy the most immersive visuals and turbo-charged imagery like never before.

Congrats to the TCL 30XE and TCL 30 V 5G for winning our Best of CES 2022 award!

Best Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

The Best of CES 2022: XPS 13 Plus, OMEN 45L, Samsung The Freestyle, MoonBikes, and more

The S21 FE 5G continues the Galaxy S21 legacy with a premium, signature design. It all starts with the iconic, fan-favorite Contour-Cut frame that seamlessly integrates with S21 FE 5G’s camera housing for a stylish, unified look.

Samsung is giving consumers even more ways to express themselves with four new, fashionable color options — Olive, Lavender, White or Graphite — all of which include a stylish haze finish. And the S21 FE 5G features a sleek and slim 7.9mm-thick body, so it can easily slip into a pocket to keep up with any on-the-go lifestyle.

Congrats to the S21 FE 5G for winning our Best of CES 2022 award!

Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker: JBL Pulse 5

JBL Pulse 5 Best of CES 2022

Newly designed Pulse portable speaker is equipped with JBL’s Original Pro Sound and built-in LED lights, delivering a true 360° immersive sound experience and electrifying ambient lightshow under an upgraded sleek surface. The vibrant lights in perfect sync with music adds a new, mesmerizing dimension to any listening experience.

Congrats to the JBL Pulse 5 for winning our Best of CES 2022 award!

Best Chromebook: Acer Chromebook Spin 513

The Best of CES 2022: XPS 13 Plus, OMEN 45L, Samsung The Freestyle, MoonBikes, and more

The new Acer Chromebook Spin 513’s convertible design makes it a great choice for people who take their device with them when they travel. It can transform between four different usage modes, such as tent mode for making the most of space-constrained spaces like trains or airplanes and tablet mode for use on-the-go, and features military-grade MIL-STD 810H durability. When out and about, Wi-Fi 6 helps maintain reliable connections to networks and hot spots. In addition, the Chromebook has a backlit-keyboard for low-light areas and a USB Type-C port for connecting to peripherals, transferring data and charging mobile devices.

DTS ® Audio and a pair of upward-facing speakers deliver high-quality and distortion-free sound, whether it’s on a video call for work or school, or while enjoying streamed entertainment. A pair of upward facing microphones completes the package, giving users everything they need for crystal-clear conference calls.

Congrats to the Acer Chromebook Spin 513 for winning our Best of CES 2022 award!

Best Business Monitor: Dell UltraSharp 32 4K

Dell UltraSharp 32 4K Video Conferencing Monitor CES 2022 Best of CES 2022

Groundbreaking IPS Black technology and VESA DisplayHDR 400 lets you view content in greater detail with 4K resolution, contrast and color – while ComfortView Plus reduces harmful blue-light emissions and retains color accuracy.

Then there’s the video conferencing capabilities. The new UltraSharp is certified for Microsoft Teams and comes with privacy and productivity features – letting you easily come on and off mute, enable/disable the camera with SafeShutter and quickly sign-in and out.

And it looks great too! The sophisticated design with its platinum silver finish complements both home and office spaces. The aesthetics are kept clean to conceal all visible mess without compromising its functionality, and its extensive ports and connectivity options allow you to transform the monitor into a productivity hub.

Congrats to the Dell UltraSharp 32 4K for winning our Best of CES 2022 award!

Best Laser Projector: HiSense PX1-PRO

Hisense PX1 PRO TriChroma Laser Cinema product Best of CES 2022

The PX1-PRO is the newest 4K ultra-short throw projector with Hisense’s award-winning TriChroma laser engine – making it the perfect option for home theatre enthusiasts looking for an upgrade. With a growing emphasis on versatility and accommodating a range of experiences, Hisense developed a new digital lens focus system for the PX1-PRO to enable a razor-sharp picture from 90 to 130-inches diagonal and the option for consumers to choose their preferred screen for more freedom in customizing their home theatres.

Congrats to the HiSense PX1-PRO for winning our Best of CES 2022 award!

Best Outdoor Tech: MoonBikes Snowbike

Moonbikes CES 2022 Techaeris Best of CES 2022

CES Unveiled is a media-only event where brands ranging from Canon to MoonBikes give us media types a first look ahead of the official show. MoonBikes is a french start-up and is using CES to present its premiere innovation: the world’s first electric snowbike.

MoonBikes is the brainchild of Nicolas Muron. In the winter of 2015, while visiting his family home in the French Alps, Nicolas realized that snow mobility solutions were extremely limited. Haunted by the desire to change how people travel, have fun, and explore nature during the winter, he put his experience as an aeronautical engineer at Dassault Aviation to task to create this unique vehicle. The start-up was created in 2018.

The year 2021 emerged as a promising year for the company. In Europe, 12 ski resorts adopted the innovative e-vehicle. Soon after closing a $5M seed round, MoonBikes decided to accelerate its commercial development in the US and, as a first step, opened an office in Boulder (CO) in September. Currently, 400 MoonBikes are being produced for both European and American markets. The company aims at producing 1,500 snowbikes next year.

Congrats to the MoonBike for winning our Best of CES 2022 award!

Best Air Purifier: LG PuriCare

LG air purifier CES 2022 Best of CES 2022

Employing LG’s own Air Valley technology, the air purifier creates a canyon of air that follows a given surface. Commonly known as the Coandă effect, this results is a consistent, comfortable breeze that can be felt throughout the room. The PuriCare AeroTower’s tapered, vertical vanes are whisper quiet, only emitting 23dB of wind noise and the sleek cylindrical design offers a modern aesthetic that matches well with any type of décor. LG’s newest PuriCare model will be available in two subtle and sophisticated colors, Beige and Silver.

LG PuriCare AeroTower comes certified by international testing agencies such as IBR Laboratories for improving indoor air quality. Multi-stage True HEPA Filters captures 99.97 percent of different types of particulates as small as 0.3 microns in size. An additional benefit comes in the form of LG UVnano™ technology which employs ultraviolet-C light to reduce the presence of bacteria that often collect on the fan.

Congrats to the LG PuriCare for winning our Best of CES 2022 award!

Best IEMs: Campfire Audio Saber

Campfire Audio Saber Best of CES 2022

At the core of Saber are its matched set of D6 and D8 dynamic drivers, which combined with Campfire’s 3D printed acoustic chamber give it its singular sound profile. D6 features a rigid Titanium/Polymer diaphragm for warm midrange, while D8’s hybrid Beryllium/Polymer design keeps the bass tight and tasteful. A balanced armature rounds out the trio to provide high-end clarity and detail.

All three drivers are housed within a light, ergonomic matte black ABS body with a machined Damascus steel lid for a distinctive and durable earphone that will last a lifetime. Saber also comes with Campfire’s Pure Copper cables and a matched canvas carrying case.

Congrats to the Campfire Audio Sabre for winning our Best of CES 2022 award!

Best Android Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

Samsung Galaxy A8 Best of CES 2022

Beyond its incredible display, Galaxy Tab A8 packs even more power and performance into Samsung’s
Tab A series experience. The Galaxy Tab A8’s CPU and GPU have each been increased by 10%3 to deliver faster, smoother performance without frustrating lagging.

Plus, the Galaxy Tab A8 offers several tiers of storage options, so users can pick the one that’s right for them. Choose from 32GB, 64GB or — new to Galaxy Tab A8 — 128GB of storage. Take advantage of the expandable microSD card feature to get up to 1TB of space.4 The Galaxy Tab A8 is also now offered with 3GB or 4GB of RAM.5 A 7,040mAh6 battery with up to 15W7 fast-charging means that users can stream for hours on end, without worrying about losing power.

Congrats to the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 for winning our Best of CES 2022award!

Best Affordable Earbuds: JLab GO Air Tones

JLab Skin Tones Best of CES 2022

JLab partnered with ORLY Color Labs, a division of the Los Angeles-based nail care brand ORLY for the color selection process.

If you don’t follow the nail care space closely, ORLY Color Labs is a leader in creating custom nail polishes, including nude polishes for different skin tones. ORLY used data from existing colors and their experience in mixing shades to flatter a wide range of skin tones requested by their customers. The launch of GO Air Tones includes a mix of seven Pantone colors with warm, neutral, and cool undertones. JLab will have a feedback form on its website to solicit feedback for future color updates.

MSRP for GO Air Tones is $20, and they are built off the GO Air POP framework, which launched earlier this year. The GO Air Tones feature custom-tuned 6mm neodymium dynamic drivers and three distinct EQ settings to achieve your preferred sound curve from JLab Signature, Bass Boost, and Balanced. GO Air Tones feature class-leading 32+ hours of playtime, dual connect technology so each earbud can be used independently for calls or audio.

Congrats to the JLab GO Air Tones for winning our Best of CES 2022 award!

Best Robot Vac: Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra vacuum system hero Best of CES 2022

The new Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is powered by the company’s “most advanced technologies to date to deliver a superior clean with even more convenience.” This robotic vacuum cleaner from Roborock is set to be the new flagship device.

The S7 MaxV Ultra will be available for purchase on Amazon in the United States in Q2 2022 for an MSRP of US$1399.99.

In addition, the company announced its new Roborock Q Series: a freshly-designed mid-range offering that combines auto-empty technology with proven features first introduced on the company’s flagship S series. More information will be available in Q2 of this year.

Congrats to the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra for winning our Best of CES 2022 award!

Best Business Laptop: HP EliteBook 865 G9

HP EliteBook 805 G9 CES 2022 Best of CES 2022

Powered by Windows 11 and AMD Ryzen™ PRO 6000 Series processors, the HP EliteBook 805 G9 Series PCs have been completely redesigned for enhanced productivity, collaboration, and wellness in the “anywhere” office. Starting at less than 4.5 lbs/2 kg 1 and available with a new 16-inch diagonal screen option, the EliteBook 805 Series PCs now feature a new 16:10 aspect ratio to show more on screen and reduce scrolling, a larger clickpad ratio that parallels screen size for better efficiency, and a redesigned keyboard. Rounded, tapered edges make the devices easier to open and more comfortable to handle.

Enhanced by HP Presence, advanced collaboration technology embedded into HP devices, 2 the PCs deliver an exceptional collaboration experience for hybrid work. The 5MP camera allows for high quality video chatting, HP Auto Frame 3 allows people to move around while keeping them in frame, while Audio by Bang & Olufsen and two discrete amps work together to create immersive sound. HP Dynamic Voice Leveling 4 automatically optimizes voice clarity and AI-based noise reduction 2.0 enhances audio so people can be heard even when wearing a mask. Additionally, the myHP application 5 provides a single dashboard to customize settings for conferencing, the programmable key, and more.

Congrats to the HP EliteBook 865 G9 for winning our Best of CES 2022 award!

Best Auto Tech: Nextbase Nextbase iQ dashcam

Nextbase iQ dash cam Best of CES 2022

Designed to fast-track next-generation connected-car technology, the Nextbase iQ transforms the driver experience, making any vehicle smarter, safer, and more secure. Leveraging the latest AI-powered technology and offering real-time access from anywhere at any time through the iQ app, Nextbase is transcending the dash cam category with the introduction of this new cam.

Many patent-pending technologies have been incorporated into Nextbase iQ for the sole purpose of protecting drivers, passengers, and their vehicles with AI-powered, Cloud-connected Nextbase NXT Tech.

Congrats to the Nextbase iQ for winning our Best of CES 2022 award!

Best Gaming Headphones

Hyperx Best of CES 2022

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless Gaming Headset: Cloud Alpha Wireless offers the longest-lasting battery in a wireless gaming headset with up to 300 hours of battery life on a single charge. The headset provides an immersive audio experience with DTS® Headphone:X® and utilizes new-and-improved, custom-designed Dual Chamber Technology and HyperX 50mm Drivers that feature a slimmer, lighter design while maintaining the sound and performance of the originalwired version.

Cloud Alpha Wireless provides signature HyperX comfort with soft, pliable leatherette and custom plush memory foam and a durable aluminum frame for long-lasting durability and stability. The headset features a detachable noise-cancelling mic with LED status indicator and onboard audio controls on the ear cup.

Congrats to the HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless for winning our Best of CES 2022 award!

Wrap Up

Be sure to read our full coverage of CES 2022 here. What do you think of our Best of CES 2022 list? Please share your thoughts on any of the social media pages listed below. You can also comment on our MeWe page by joining the MeWe social network.


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