Some international airlines cancel flights over concerns that 5G will interfere with aircraft systems


5G, love it or leave it; it’s here to stay. There remains a lot of controversy over 5G, some of which involves how the carriers define it; in this case, some major international airlines are concerned about aircraft systems interference.

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According to AP News, major airlines canceled flights in a dispute over concerns that the new 5G mobile system could interfere with some aircraft technology. The situation is should an aircraft be affected and rendered inoperable, well, that could spell disaster.

Ver-Sam-5G-FI 5G
Verizon is one of the carriers rolling out 5G nationwide.

Carriers took widely different approaches to the brewing crisis affecting international travel, from Middle Eastern airline Emirates drastically reducing its U.S.-bound flights to Air France saying it would fly as normal.

It wasn’t immediately clear why the airlines made those decisions — or whether they took into account that mobile carriers AT&T and Verizon agreed this week to pause the rollout of the new high-speed wireless service near key airports.

U.S. officials had said that even with the concession, there could be some cancellations and delays because of limitations of equipment on certain planes. Some airlines said Wednesday they received warnings from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration or Boeing that the plane maker’s 777 was particularly affected by the new wireless service.

Similar mobile networks have been deployed in dozens of other countries — but there are some key differences in how the U.S. network works that could make it more likely to cause problems for airlines.

The new 5G network uses a segment of the radio spectrum that is close to that used by radio altimeters, which measure the height of aircraft above the ground and help pilots land in low visibility.

AP News

It will be interesting to see how 5G providers and the airlines figure this situation out. For more on this story, be sure to check out the full AP News article on their website.

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Last Updated on May 28, 2023.


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