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For some enthusiasts, gaming is a past-time activity while for others this could be their revenue source. However, the key to enjoying any game is when you can plan it at a high speed and without any lag. However, at times having an old PC, gamers have to deal with challenges related to lags, slow loading, lost saved files, crashes, and dropped games. Also when multiplayer games are based on a client host, the issues multiply. On a client host, gamers play and host the game at the same time which leads to a bad gaming experience.

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To overcome such challenges, dedicated services can be an alternative option as this proves to be a stable and reliable gaming solution. However many gamers don’t understand how this works and if it helps players to customize and control their gaming environments.

To know better, here is an insight on how dedicated servers can make gaming an altogether better experience.

All about dedicated servers

Basically, a dedicated server is a computer that hosts a video game for a client. It enables a stable, reliable, and secure connection that can help you with your online games. They offer greater processing, memory, and storage capabilities than other hosting solutions. So, irrespective of the other games that you play, the server will always have enough resources to run the game seamlessly.

It can be an ideal choice for all popular online games with high workloads, including:

  • Minecraft
  • Valheim
  • Counter Strike Global Offensive
  • 7 Days to Die
  • Killing Floor
  • Arma
  • Ark
  • Rust
  • DOTA 2
  • Ragnarok
  • Terraria
  • Factorio

A dedicated server is a popular option among companies who want to create a stable online environment for their players. As an individual, you can also set up a gaming server and create a private online playground. It can run both single and multiplayer games.

Every multiplayer online game contains a host and clients. The host is generally a server that transmits data to all the players to keep the game in sync. Whereas, the client means the players that participate in the game without hosting responsibilities.

For most of the online matches, the host can either be the player who initiated the game or the one with the least latency. The host player uses the computer or console for running the local version of the game. Also, that device also maintains the entire game in sync for all clients.

The host handles the following things:

  • Player’s location in the game
  • Activities of all the players
  • Each character’s loadout
  • Player interactions
  • Directions of all the payers
  • The physics happening around each player
  • Score and rules

The host machine will also need more memory, bandwidth, and processing power as more players log in to play the game. In this case, if the host player ends up with a weak computer or a bad internet connection, the game might suffer from a lot of bugs, lags, and crashes.

Dedicated servers hard drives
Dedicated servers usually offer a stable online environment for gamers.

When it comes to a dedicated server setup, the host is not a player generally but all players. They help connect to a server with more computing power and a better connection than an average PC or console. The admin can:

  • Configure the server for a seamless gameplay
  • Control the number of players who can join the game to prevent players from chewing up processing time or memory.
  • Customize the game rules
  • Dedicated hosting also helps manage the low-latency advantage the local host has over other players.

How do dedicated gaming servers work?

Generally, a dedicated server for gaming can handle all the hosting duties including keeping the game in sync for players, managing the locations, activities, game rules and scores, physics, loadouts, etc.

The dedicated server does not run the game engine so the device will not render anything. Hence, the server does not require a graphics card (GPU). Instead, a server has high amounts of CPU and RAM, while it instructs client machines on things to render. Generally, the client device is responsible for graphics, game controls, and sound.

For a setup like this, it can be an efficient platform for gaming. When you run games on dedicated servers, they will not experience lag, crashes, or glitches.

You can run a dedicated server for gaming from your home, but a much simpler and more affordable option is to rent it from an IT service provider. When your dedicated server is at a professional data center, you do not need to worry about hardware prices, monitoring, overheating, and security. You also get much higher bandwidth, ensuring faster, more responsive gameplay.

Advantages of dedicated gaming servers

Dedicated servers for gaming generally come with several benefits like excellent, lag-free performance. They have top-tier hardware and internet connections making sure that the gameplay is never laggy providing you a smooth gaming experience.

Since the dedicated services have 24/7 server monitoring, the game is always available. Even if the local grid goes down, most data centers come with a backup generator that makes sure of the game’s availability.

Overheating is also out of the picture when you leverage a dedicated gaming server. No matter how much action the game experiences, data centers contain a constant cooling system that makes sure that the infrastructure can handle the workload.

As an admin, you can also define the required hardware to run the game. You can also choose an ideal processor and amount of RAM, plus set bandwidth speeds for an optimal gaming experience.

The admin also remains free to define the game rules. Generally, the server owner has the freedom that any typical game hosting does not allow, from editing objectives and maps to changing character stats and traits.

You are also free to decide who can enter the game. You can also make the server available to the public so that they can use it as a private playground, or create an online arena for a gaming team. The admin can also let players out of the game for high ping or violating any rules.

Apart from that, dozens of players can play a game on a dedicated server without impacting performance. As an admin, you are free to set a max cap on the number of players to prevent the game from getting over-crowded.

Generally, dedicated servers are less prone to corrupt saved files than typical gaming servers. The game can save your progress reliably, making you always pick the game up from where you left off. A reliable save system becomes crucial for prolonged multiplayer matches.

So, now we know that dedicated gaming services are the most stable way to play multiplayer games. You can set up a gaming server and create an environment to play your favorite online games. You can refer to Minecraft Prison Servers for setting up your dedicated servers for gaming and creating an enjoyable gaming experience.

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