The future of online gaming: What can we expect?

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Looking back at the history of games helps us realize that the industry has much promise ahead. Online games continue to be a robust and profitable business. It has massive revenues and a growing market. In 2021, the gaming industry generated a total revenue of $180.3 billion.

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With the advancement of technology, many new gaming trends are coming into the market. It is transforming the online gaming world. Various genres are becoming more advanced, from action games to online card games. There will be more advanced features soon to provide a better gaming experience.

Do you love playing games? Are you interested in learning more about the future of online gaming? What can we expect for the future of online gaming? Here are a few ideas we think may affect the future.

New Gaming Genres

An MMO is a multiplayer online game. MMO has been a staple in video games for decades. However, there have been some new subgenres that are gaining momentum in niche markets. VR gaming allows you to immerse yourself in another world. AR gaming brings characters and objects into your surroundings, like Pokemon Go — but on a much grander scale. And mobile gaming is still growing at an alarming rate as more people acquire cell phones capable of high-level performance.

The Usage of 5G Technology

5G technology uses high-frequency signals to deliver fast and reliable internet access. A 5G network can provide at least 10 gigabits per second (Gbps) of data speed. That’s 1,000,000 Mbps — 60 times more than your average 4G LTE connection. Gamers can significantly benefit from this speed. The United States, China, South Korea, and Canada utilize the 5G Network.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is growing at a fast rate. VR offers a 3D immersive experience. This is where gamers can immerse themselves in a virtual world. VR goggles allow you to see lifelike virtual objects. It is also making its appearance in the real-money gambling world.

Some casinos already offer a VR experience if you have your own VR device. At the moment, there is still a downside to VR. VR goggles and headsets are limited and pricey. But, with technological advancements, these prices may reduce.

There Will Be Better Graphics

Undoubtedly, the future of gaming will hold better graphics. Virtual reality is already on the rise — what more for non-lifelike pictures? You cannot compare the graphics today to back in the 1980s. It is now possible to digitize an animal, a human, or a celebrity. The created character will look like a replica. Apart from the features, people can also replicate realistic movements and facial expressions.

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More Mobile and Online Gaming

Mobile gaming has become a phenomenon. Statistics show that there will be 2.4 billion mobile gamers in 2021. Moreover, the use of mobile phones is increasing nowadays, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. Playing mobile games is convenient. All players need to do is to use their mobile. There are fewer cables and setups.

Additionally, there are so many options. Whether you’re into card games or role-playing action, you’d be spoiled for choice. Besides that, some mobile games are free to download and play. For instance, you can play free solitaire online if you have a smartphone. In the coming years, you can definitely expect more online gaming.

Social Gaming

Social gaming became a big hit when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Since the virus forced people to stay at home, social gaming helped them gain a sense of normalcy. One example of a social online game is Bingo. Nowadays, people can also play Bingo virtually or online. There are also new and more exciting twists.

Bingo is known for its social aspect — especially during the 1970s. People would head out for the night to play Bingo with friends. It was a regular thing back then. Due to the rise of the internet, some people believed that the social aspect of Bingo would be lost.

But online Bingo says otherwise. Online game providers have strived to keep everyone’s social aspects. They have introduced similar features, including chat rooms, video chats, and prizes.

The Utilization of Digital Currencies

Gone are the days when real money and banks were the only currency sources. Digital currencies and payments have taken over. These currencies have value and can buy anything. It can be online games to restaurants and airline tickets.

Several gaming portals are already taking advantage of digital currencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Gamers can now use Ethereum and Bitcoin to purchase games or gamble at online casino games.

Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming is a new way to enjoy video games. The technology allows you to play high-quality video games without having powerful graphics hardware while also saving space and ensuring that you don’t have any trouble with updates or patches.

Cloud gaming makes it possible for anyone with a data connection to play high-end games. That means your average gamer won’t have to upgrade their PC or console every few years and can jump between online titles as they please. With services like OnLive gaining momentum, you could soon be playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey from your phone within seconds.

More Integration on Social Media

Social media integration is key to success in online gaming. Nowadays, more gamers are streaming their games online. Gamers want their game profiles visible on popular social media platforms. They want access to friends lists, messaging, and communication features. Ultimately, they want a seamless experience between their favorite games and their social media profiles so they can easily share funny moments with friends.

The Bottom Line

With the evolution of online games, we have come a long way. After going through virtual reality development, gaming has made its presence felt in today’s lives. Soon to come is a future where you can play games in high resolution. There will be more outstanding features with next-gen graphics.

So, if you’re a gamer or maybe just interested in this form of entertainment, keep an eye on what new features and options will enter the market in the coming years. We can only imagine where gaming technology will go next.

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