CORSAIR launches a new mid-tower PC case with plenty of RGB lighting

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CORSAIR is a pretty big name in the computing world. They’re known for their cooling fans, AIO radiators, PCs, and more. Earlier this month, the company has announced a new PC case. The Corsair iCUE 5000T RGB mid-tower PC case boasts a unique design with plenty of addressable RGB LEDs that can be customized to your liking.

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This high-airflow case comes in either black or white and has 208 individual RGB LEDs — making it the most integrated lighting ever to be used in a case from CORSAIR. To start, 160 individual LEDs are placed in the built-in light strips placed on the top, bottom, and front left. The other 48 LEDs come from the three included CORSAIR LL120 RGB fans that sit behind the mesh panel at the front of the case. On top of that, the 5000T is able to have up to two 360mm radiators to keep your PC cooling temps at a minimum.

CORSAIR's 5000T mid-tower PC case with RGB LEDs.
CORSAIR’s 5000T mid-tower PC case with RGB LEDs.

The entire setup comes pre-wired and includes an iCUE COMMANDER CORE XT controller that gives fan speed control for up to six PWM fans all while giving detailed system information such as temperatures. The 5000T does look sleek but maybe a little out there on the lighting side. Personally, I’m down for some RGB, but a lot has been placed in this case and some users may think it’s a little overkill.

The mesh panels are removable at the top and front offering easy maintenance while keeping the airflow high. CORSAIR was nice enough to make sure to keep the 5000T case tool-free by adding a hinge on the tempered glass side and another on the backside steel panel.

On the I/O side of things, the case has a USB-C 3.1 port, four USB-A .0 ports, and an audio/microphone jack. up to five 2.5″ SSDs or up to two 3.5″ HDD drives can be placed in the drive bay. Lastly, there are seven vertical and two horizontal expansion slots for your GPUs and other components.

CORSAIR is selling the iCUE 5000T tower for a whopping US$399. It’s on the more pricer side for mid-sized ATX cases, but if you have the money and want the latest and greatest from CORSAIR with plenty of RGB LEDs, then this case is for you.

In addition to the iCUE 5000T mid-tower PC case, the company also released some case accent lighting panels.

“For enthusiasts seeking even more RGB lighting to set their case apart, today also sees the launch of CORSAIR iCUE LC100 Case Accent Lighting Panels. LC100 kits let you unleash your creativity by configuring your own custom layouts of up to 18 interconnected triangular RGB tiles inside or outside your case. LC100 attaches magnetically to any steel surface, and comes with special low-profile connectors and hinges for attachment at varying angles – making spectacular three-dimensional layouts possible. LC100 Starter Kits include a CORSAIR iCUE Lighting Node PRO controller so you can immediately synchronize your case lighting with the rest of your iCUE setup, while Expansion Kits add nine more panels for even more sprawling, mesmerizing configurations.”

CORSAIR press release

The iCUE 5000T RGB from CORSAIR looks really cool and offers plenty of customization, but the price may be a bit high. What do you folks think about the latest mid-tower PC case from CORSAIR? Please share your thoughts on any of the social media pages listed below. You can also comment on our MeWe page by joining the MeWe social network.


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