Why marketing automation is important for the gaming industry


Digitalization can be intimidating and daunting for several individuals. But the automation of new technologies enabled today unlocks performance at scale, improves efficiencies, and drives innovation for video game marketers.

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This short guide outlines how marketing automation is helping the gaming industry today. After reading, you will have a deeper understanding of how new digital solutions can address your gaming firm’s marketing challenges.

What Is Marketing Automation?

gaming controller Why marketing automation is important for the gaming industry

Marketing automation is the modern process of using software to automate tedious and monotonous advertising tasks.

With marketing automation solutions, video game promotion departments can automate repetitive jobs, including:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media posting
  • Ad campaigns

Automation aims to improve efficiency and provide a more personalized experience for customers.

With automation, traditional marketing setups evolved. New technologies helped video game marketers send more personalized messages to customers in real-time.

Marketing automation also simplifies the sales roles process. It helps promote streamlined transactions while supporting marketing efforts, from lead generation to creating campaigns.

In the gaming industry, marketing automation tools guarantee sustainable business growth. Since the competition among gaming companies is at an all-time high, only the organizations with the best marketing decisions stay at the top of the game.

How Marketing Automation Can Help the Gaming Industry

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From simple online games like Mahjong to graphically demanding PC games like CyberPunk, many games leverage marketing automation tools to further engage their users. Read on to discover what the solutions can offer video game advertisers today.

Creative Automation

Automation has a wide range of applications for video game marketers. They can use it to understand their audience better improve ad performance tracking and testing programs.

Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to understand data saves time and resources. It also offers valuable insights to multiple teams within the organization.

Because marketers spend less time doing time-consuming tasks, they can focus on unleashing their creativity on more critical matters.

With marketing automation, you can automatically create crucial variables, such as headlines, images, and calls to action (CTAs) in real-time.

Omnichannel User Experiences

No one likes repeating themselves. This is why marketing automation can do so much for customers and marketers alike.

After collecting, storing, and interpreting valuable customer data, you can give your buyers a personalized experience.

You can have pages with pre-filled forms and send targeted emails that meet their needs. You can offer customer service that feels familiar to all your buyers. With automation, your customers get the same experience no matter how they contact your company.

Smart Ads

New technologies allow video game companies to provide targeted ads to customers, whether out-of-game or in-game.

Today, several free-to-play apps and video games show ads to players while in-game. Sometimes, the ads are the only free way to move on to the next game level. In this case, the ad functions similarly to a paywall.

Modern video game developers and distributors rely on AI to better market their products to consumers.

For example, Unity, a video game engine, has an ad platform that expands its audience reach. The engine collects user data then shows ads tailored to each person. This strategy serves to entice players to keep playing the game while encouraging them to click on the ad.

Meanwhile, Steam, a video game distribution service, uses AI to promote offerings outside of the games themselves.

The company recently launched Steam Labs, a new project that uses AI for marketing to generate a more interactive product recommendation system for customers. Additionally, it can create attractive micro-trailers for games.

Steam Labs has a system that automatically produces six-second trailers to highlight top games. It also offers a sliding recommendation system for users.

The project is perfect for marketing games to video-hungry consumers who love to browse their Store for new games to play.

Accurate Testing

Video game developer Voodoo uses automation to test and evaluate a game’s potential for success. This is another use of automation that can be particularly useful for marketers.

With automated testing, video game marketers will have more control over their campaigns across different sites. Automation tools allow them to fine-tune their ads in response to how customers react to their advertising efforts.

Automated User Acquisition Operations

IMVU is a three-dimensional, online virtual world and social networking site. It uses automation to divide budgets across multiple channels, giving managers a comprehensive view of how they spend their user acquisition budget.

This advantage allows them to make informed decisions on where to scale up or down.

Machine learning and automation also help marketers understand the different return on investment (ROI) targets and adjust them by country and network.

Is Marketing Automation Right for Your Business?


Now that you know the benefits of marketing automation for your video game company, you should know when is the best time to invest in these tools.

If you are already creating high-quality gameplay trailers and generating a steady flow of organic leads, you may be ready to elevate your campaign efforts to the next level. It is time to focus on a marketing automation strategy that will turn quality leads into paying customers.

Below are simple but crucial questions to ask yourself when deciding if investing in marketing automation is the right move for you:

  • Are you producing a consistent flow of new and qualified leads?
  • Do the marketing and sales departments agree on what conversations should happen with the marketing team and which should happen with sales?
  • Do you have a video content strategy designed to accompany your target customer’s buying journey?
  • Are you monitoring your leads’ digital body language across all touchpoints and marketing channels?
  • Are you using a lead nurturing strategy that you want to improve?

If you are asking these questions, it is a good sign that marketing automation could benefit your business. Remember, the critical element is understanding that marketing automation does not do your advertising campaigns for you. Instead, you should consider it as something that can help scale your successful strategies and achieve your target goals.

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