Indiana General Motors plant feels the impact of chip shortages and pauses production


General Motors was founded in 1908 and has had a stable of sub-brands over the years; currently, General Motors owns Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac and has stakes in some overseas auto brands such as Lotus and Baojun. The company has shed a few other brands, including Pontiac and Oldsmobile.

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Like many other automakers, General Motors has faced bankruptcy and hardships in which taxpayers had to bail them out. Now, automakers around the world, including GM, are facing a computer chip shortage that is preventing production from happening. The latest victim of the chip shortage is a GM plant in Indiana.

Indiana General Motors plant feels the impact of chip shortages and pauses production
Baojun is a joint venture between GM and SAIC Motor in China

A computer chip shortage is forcing General Motors to pause production for two weeks at a pickup truck factory in Fort Wayne, Ind.

“Overall, we have seen better consistency in semiconductor supply through the first quarter compared to last year as a whole. This has translated into improvement in our production and deliveries during the first three months of the year,” General Motors said in a statement.

“However, there is still uncertainty and unpredictability in the semiconductor supply base, and we are actively working with our suppliers to mitigate potential issues moving forward.”

For the weeks of April 4 and April 11, the General Motors plant in Fort Wayne will be shut down. The Associated Press noted over 4,000 workers work at the site, which had previously been operating three shifts each day to make two types of vehicle.

The Hill via Yahoo News

Chip shortages are expected to continue as things become more unstable in Russia and Ukraine, and China gets involved in the conflict. China also comes into play as Taiwan becomes a topic of interest and debate in the global political arena.

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