9 companies that have grown using cloud services


Cloud computing is a method of providing computer services on the internet rather than from a locally installed harddrive or by connecting to a local network. Cloud computing has become increasingly popular in the business world. These are some of the most successful companies to utilize cloud services.

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1. Netflix

Netflix is credited with pioneering cloud-native technology. This shift helped the company transition from a mail-order business model to one of the largest on-demand content delivery networks in the world. 

2. General Electric

GE began transitioning to cloud computing in 2014. In 2017 the company selected Amazon Web Services as its preferred provider. AWS hosts over 2,000 cloud-based apps and services for GE. The company credits the shift to cloud computing with allowing its information technology teams to focus on innovation rather than building and operating data centers. 

3. eBay

The popular online auction site is home to more than a billion listings. Customers expect to be able to access the site any time of the day or night, so it was important to the company to guard against system failures. eBay shifted its operations to the Google cloud platform and has successfully used Google’s computing power to maintain its standard for uptime and to pursue machine learning techniques, such as picture identification. According to the company, machine learning assignments that required 40 days when run on eBay’s systems took just four days on Google’s machines.

4. Kroger

Kroger runs thousands of projects that it splits between Microsoft and Amazon cloud services. It uses the space both for running existing products and developing and testing new ones. Additionally, the company uses a private cloud for specific computing needs. In 2019, Kroger began a collaboration with Microsoft to develop new digital technology to enhance the company’s data-driven philosophy to predict customer demands by using artificial intelligence technology.

5. HotelTonight

HotelTonight helps people find affordable hotel rooms fast. The company moved to cloud computing for the benefits it provides for managing its hotel-related data. This technology helps the company keep users up-to-date on promotional offers and helps it manage its loyalty program.

6. Pinterest

Unlike many of the other companies on this list, Pinterest used the cloud from the start. The company’s utilization of the cloud helps it scale its operations to match increases in site traffic. 

7. Apple

Apple’s popular voice assistant, Siri, relies on cloud computing to receive, process and respond to user questions and commands. Apple users can also take advantage of the cloud to share, upload or download apps, data and upgrades without having to make any physical changes to their software or hardware. The availability of the cloud to users makes it possible to store photos, videos, apps and other data in the cloud, rather than taking up the limited physical storage space on their devices.

Apple uses cloud computing services for its Siri voice assistant on iPads and Macbook computers
Apple uses cloud computing services for its Siri voice assistant.

8. Fitbit

Fitbit entered into a collaboration with Google For Healthcare in an attempt to increase the company’s market share in an increasingly competitive smartwatch marketplace. This collaboration makes it possible for users to share health information from their Fitbit with healthcare providers. The company hoped the move would make it more competitive with Apple which already had similar functionality in place. 

9. Meals on Wheels

The Greenville County, SC branch of Meals on Wheels transitioned to the cloud to make it easier for its volunteers to communicate with each other. It later shifted its financial management software to the cloud to save money, improve documentation and aid in fundraising.

Final Thoughts

Utilizing the cloud has helped many companies ramp up innovation in ways that would be difficult, time-consuming and expensive when relying only on their technology. As internet speeds and cloud technology continue to improve more companies will likely migrate to this technology in the future.

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