Examining the characteristics and capabilities of 5G technology


Is there anybody that jumps online and thinks, “I hope this page takes a while to load because I feel like waiting around for a bit?” Though such an outlier may exist, the reality is that the internet is wildly popular precisely because of its speed and functionality.

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The business community endorses online activity en masse and folks are consequently able to do their shopping and banking at home. They would not choose to do these things, though, if it wasn’t fast, easy and convenient. The history of computers is a history of consistent improvement in all areas related to user compatibility. 

Surfing the web, for business or pleasure, has been trending at peak levels for a long time, and probably will continue. One of the reasons that it can handle such vast amounts of information from billions of users around the world is the consistent advancement of new generations of technology. Each generation boasts improvements to the previous one. 5G technology offers internet users 5G network functions that are obvious benefits, and improvements on 4G technology.

What is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks. Marketed as offering improvements to 4G technology, eventually, it will succeed 4G when it comes to connectivity for cell phones. This means that gradually more people than not will be carrying cell phones that can access 5G technology.

What are the benefits of using 5G?

The most salient, and expected, benefit of using 5G is the speed with which users can function online. Transmission speeds of 15 – 20 Gbps mean that everything you do will be faster online, from opening webpages to downloading files. This is important for businesses, organizations and individuals, the world over. It makes the world a smaller, and more accessible, place.

smartphone 5G technology
Many of the latest smartphones support 5G technology.

There is lower latency with 5G, meaning that less time elapses between you commanding the device to action and the action taken by the device. It’s actually 10 times faster than 4G, and 4G was already pretty fast. This improvement is transferable across domains. The movie that somebody downloaded will load faster, and the documents that need to be sent across the world in short order will arrive just after you press send. 

5G also means that more devices can be connected to the network, which is hugely important because there’s only going to be more traffic. Consider that 5G is to the information superhighway what a 30-lane highway running across the land is to potential traffic delays. It’s hard to imagine any at all.

More capacity for online traffic means that more smart-functioning devices will occupy homes, cities and vehicles. People and communities could be relying on smart technology, secure in the knowledge that they won’t invest time and money just to have the network crash. The infrastructure of sustainability is not only there, but it has been expanded. 

5G Network slicing is an important feature and enables the system to create virtual networks and create subnets. These advancements help to ensure that the network will not overload, but can function at top speeds, despite the volume of internet traffic occurring at a given moment.

5G makes it even easier to function online. A way to really put matters into perspective is to consider, if you can remember, the days when even establishing a connection to the internet took a long time, and you could count on delays loading pages and pretty much accomplishing anything else online. Through consistently troubleshooting issues and creating thoughtful improvements to existing functions, generational technology has brought improvements, and 5G technology is the latest and greatest to be put to the marketplace.

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