New Hisense commercial, featuring Joel McHale, will poke fun at the company’s marketing budget


Hisense has been in the North American market for years now, and they’ve become one of the most sold TVs on the market. But very few people have ever heard of the company, and that is because Hisense spends very little on commercials and marketing.

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So the company decided to spend money on a new marketing campaign that pokes fun at their lack of marketing. They hired actor and comedian Joel McHale to lead the campaign, and they’ve sent media a teaser in the form of a “B.S. Report.”

Hisense isn’t the biggest name in consumer electronics and we certainly don’t have the largest marketing budget. That’s why we went on a mission to find out what America really want to hear from their TV manufacturers.

We wanted to discover whether our audience values bold, artsy, brand statements or are they looking for something more.

Partnering with Pollfish (not actually a fish but a team of really smart market research scientists), we surveyed 2,500 people to find out. Finally the results are in and they might just surprise you. Presenting the Hisense Brand Survey Report 2022. Warning, if you own an advertising agency, you might want to look away now.

HiSense TV-min
Hisense TV
  • According to the Hisense report, many consumers ultimately regret big-ticket purchases and wish they had opted for a less expensive alternative. At the top of that list is furniture and TVs made the top 5.
  • The report goes on to say that nearly 91% of people do not care about a company’s “value proposition” and that consumers highly lean towards brands they deem trustworthy. The top reasons consumers consider a brand to be untrustworthy include low quality, poor value, and poor customer support.
  • Hisense also says that consumers think there are too many advertisements and most advertising is nonsense.
  • The report continues to say that 51% of consumers consider brands that present themselves as purpose-driven are simply using marketing jargon.
  • Finally, Hisense says they found that value is far more important to consumers that a purpose-driven agenda. 40% of consumers look for value with features and high-quality rounding out the top 3.

The new Hisense campaign is set to hit June 7th and is being branded as “Less talk, More TV.” It’s an interesting concept and equally interesting that Hisense is using marketing to market themselves as a company that doesn’t use marketing very much.

As for their TVs. I picked up an inexpensive Hisense TV some 12 years ago, and it was just OK. I have seen their TVs recently, and they have improved by leaps and bounds. They could be worth a look at if you’re not excited about paying the higher price of a more well-known brand.

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