Gender inequality: Solving the problem in tech

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Over the past few years, there has been an increasing awareness of gender inequality in the tech industry. Many high-profile companies have released figures on the number of men versus women that they employ and how those numbers break down by department.

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Anyone who operates in a technical field is likely aware that women face challenges breaking into that world as well as rising to leadership positions when they do get hired. Fortunately, many executives recognize these issues as presenting opportunities rather than roadblocks. Here are some things that companies can do to reduce the gender gap in tech.

Make STEM education more accessible

Some companies are taking steps to improve the quality and accessibility of STEM education and training. Some are partnering with organizations that provide mentorship and networking opportunities to help women succeed in the tech industry. Others are partnering with local schools to develop STEM curricula and provide resources to encourage girls to pursue education and careers in STEM fields. Educators can ensure that girls are learning about computing, Infrastructure as Code, and other tech elements. These efforts can set a valuable example for the next generation of technology users and leaders.

Train company leaders to understand women

There are many ways in which leaders can unintentionally make their female employees feel uncomfortable or unequal. Some have been known to use sexist language or make inappropriate comments about their personal lives. Others have allowed a “bro culture” to flourish among management. To prevent these issues, some companies have begun training leaders on how to interact with women in a respectful and appropriate manner. Many people think that gender differences come down to biological factors such as female hormones versus male hormones and they overlook societal factors. Therefore, companies could bring in experts to educate staff about how social roles have affected women.

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Implement a parental leave program

One of the most significant ways that companies can address gender inequality in the workplace is by offering paid parental leave to employees regardless of their gender. Paid parental leave encourages new parents to feel comfortable taking the time they need to bond with and care for their newborns. This type of initiative could also send a message to employees that their company values the contributions of both mothers and fathers equally and recognizes the importance of their time at home with their new children.

Improve the hiring process

Another issue that contributes to gender inequality in the tech industry is the tendency to hire and promote men at a much higher rate than women. To address this issue, some companies have implemented hiring practices that make it clear that they are looking for employees who will bring diverse perspectives, skills, and experiences to the table. Companies may also hold hiring managers accountable for retaining female employees by tying managers’ bonuses to the number of women who remain on the team after a given period. 

Create a safe working environment

A number of companies are also taking concrete steps to improve the overall safety of their work environments. This may include instituting sexual harassment training, providing resources for employees to report unsafe situations, and offering counseling sessions for employees who are troubled by their experiences in the workplace. Harassment is in no way specific to tech, but it is especially harmful in industries that rely on collaboration and creative problem-solving. It’s important for companies to create safe and supportive environments where everyone can do their best work without fear of judgment or maleficence.

Bringing more women into the tech industry is about more than numbers. It’s about recognizing the value that each individual brings to the table and helping everyone reach their full potential. It’s also about getting past unconscious biases and the limitations that come with them. Technology is very complex and it needs diverse minds in order to flourish. By taking the right actions, the tech industry can move toward a more equitable future.

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