Walletmor now offers contactless payment chip implants


Contactless payment systems aren’t anything new. We now have Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Tap to Pay systems. But all of those options use a physical card or device to manage and make the actual payment. Walletmor is different. Walletmor moves the idea of the payment chip in your mobile to your arm or hand.

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The company is now selling the Walletmor implant for $299, claiming that the chip is the “World’s first entirely safe implant, which you can use for contactless payments at any time, everywhere.” The sales pitch for this new implant is convenience and speed. With cash cards, debit cards, and even mobile devices, you could misplace or forget them. Walletmor says that with its chip, you have easy access all the time without worrying about leaving it behind.

The chip works with the Purewrist app, and setup is shown to be quick and easy. Purewrist also has a contactless payment option in the form of a bracelet worn outside of the body. You can see how Walletmor works in the video below.

The company isn’t new, and they have been marketing this technology for at least a year now, but it seems they are in a new phase where they are able to make this more widely available. Walletmor says its product is safe, and you can find out more about them at its website.

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