The Backyard League Gaming Baseball turns catch into a video game


Baseball is called America’s pastime (although it is enjoyed around the world), but the way I see it, video games took that title years ago. Life before video games was very different, and outdoor sports were far more popular than they are now. But Playfinity wants to bring the love of baseball back to at least some people.

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The company has developed the Backyard League Gaming Baseball, which turns a game of catch into a video game via its connected mobile application. The Backyard League Gaming Baseball is the same size and weight as a regulation MLB baseball, and it connects to an iOS or Android device via Bluetooth. It allows players to track different stats about each throw they toss and catch, such as speed, airtime, height, and transfer speed.

The Backyard League mobile app allows players to build and track their baseball skills across six different mini-games that focus on various skills, like hand-eye coordination, consistency, and transfer speed. Once players have tried all six games at least once, they’ll unlock the application’s League Mode, allowing them to compete against other players worldwide by playing games and comparing stats. The Backyard League Gaming Baseball is designed for kids 6-14, offering 70 hours of playtime on a single cell battery. The ball is also water resistant.

This is a pretty clever way to integrate technology and outdoor activity. It looks like an excellent addition to your training for those already in the game. It seems like a fun way to start for those who have never played. You can find out more on the company’s website.

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