Google Pixel 6a owners report that any fingerprint is able to unlock the phone

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The new Google Pixel 6a is the company’s more affordable smartphone giving it a broad appeal due to the price. With the larger, more expensive 6 Pro out of reach for many, the 6a is an excellent alternative with good value.

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But now, there may be some worry about the Google Pixel 6a fingerprint security. According to 9to5 Google, reports from users in India claim that the under-display fingerprint sensor allows anyone to unlock the phone. That means users not registered with the Google Pixel 6a biometrics security algorithm can still open the phone.

9to5 Google goes on to report that more reports have surfaced about the problem with a range of issues. Those issues include being able to unlock with a different finger to friends being able to unlock their devices. One user says their issue was cleared up after removing all saved biometrics and re-adding them.

The majority of buyers do not appear to have this issue with the Pixel 6a. We’ve thoroughly tested four Pixel 6a units and have been unable to replicate the problem. This suggests only some phones are impacted and points to a hardware issue, with Google changing the sensor for the 6a.

9to5 Google

While 9to5 Google could not replicate the problem, there still is a problem. We can only speculate that the issue may be software related, but given that it’s not manifesting with everyone, it could be faulty sensors. Google has released a security update for its Pixel phones, and the Google Pixel 6a is on the list. It remains to be seen if this will fix the problem or if it continues.

According to 9to5 Google, they believe that you either have the issue or don’t; it shouldn’t just start out of nowhere.

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