Logitech Combo Touch review: One of the better options for your 12.9″ iPad Pro

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Bluetooth keyboards for the iPad Pro 12.9″ are a dime a dozen. They are everywhere; most are probably made in the same factory but branded differently. But the flaw these keyboards have is that they lack the Apple Smart Connector. The Logitech Combo Touch is one of the better options for your 12.9″ iPad Pro because it does have a Smart Connector.

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But nothing is without its flaws, and while the Logitech Combo Touch is one of the better options, there is some give and take. Still, the Combo Touch is near the top of all the keyboard cases out on the market. Find out why there’s more to love than hate about the Logitech Combo Touch in my full review.

Logitech Combo Touch Video


The Logitech Combo Touch has the following features and specifications:

  • 4 Modes: Type, View, Sketch, Read
  • Keyboard Type: Detachable
  • Backlit Keys: Yes, Auto-Adjusting
  • Viewing Angles: 10°-60°
  • Power and Connectivity: Powered by iPad via the Smart Connector
  • Case:
    • Space to store Apple Pencil (2nd gen)
    • Front, back, and corner protection
    • Access all ports – Camera / iPad charging port
  • Keyboard:
    • 16 levels of adjustable backlighting
    • A full row of iPadOS shortcut keys
  • Combo Touch for iPad Pro 12.9-inch (5th gen)
    • 0.74 in (19 mm) key pitch
    • 0.04 in (1mm) key travel
  • Row of iPadOS Shortcut Keys (Left to Right):
    • Home
    • Screen brightness down
    • Screen brightness up
    • Onscreen keyboard
    • Search
    • Key brightness down
    • Key brightness up
    • Previous track
    • Play/pause
    • Next track
    • Volume mute
    • Volume down
    • Volume up
    • Lock
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 11.24 in (28.56 cm)
    • Width: 8.89 in (22.57 cm)
    • Depth: 0.69 in (1.74 cm)
    • Weight: 27.51 oz (780 g)

What’s In The Box

  • Logitech Combo Touch
    • Keyboard
    • Case
  • Manual and Documentation


Logitech Combo Touch review: One of the better options for your 12.9" iPad Pro
A nice keyboard and touchpad.

The Logitech Combo Touch is a two-part device. There is the case, and there is the keyboard. This design makes it one of the better choices for your iPad Pro 12.9″. Unlike the Apple Magic Keyboard, this option allows you to detach the keyboard and still have protection with the case.

The case edges are made of soft rubber material, and the cutouts are precise and OK, except for the USB-C port cutout. The original Apple cable will fit nicely here, but third-party cables may have issues if they are more prominent.

There is a notch cut out so you can place an Apple Pencil in its charging position on the iPad. It would have been nice to have some way to secure the Apple Pencil in that position better. Something like a small strap or clasp.

The case is covered in a woven material that feels nice to the touch. The Logi logo is on the back, and a stand is built into the case, giving you 10°-60 adjustability. The stand feels sturdy and held up well during testing. The inside of the case has a soft touch, and a Smart Connector is on the inside back.

The case attaches to the keyboard via the Smart Connector along the side of it. The magnetic hold is sturdy but can disconnect if you wiggle it up in the air enough. I know some other reviewers have called this out, but I do not see myself wiggling the Logitech Combo Touch in the air very much, if at all. So I think it is connected well enough.

The keyboard is also covered in the same woven material as the case is. The trackpad is decent and more significant than the Apple Magic Keyboard, and I love that. It has full-size keys and a row of iPadOS shortcut keys, which are also great to have.

Overall, the design is nice. If I am honest, I like the Apple Magic Keyboards floating design as it does not take as much space up as the Logitech Combo Touch design. But I like that the Logitech’s keyboard can be detached and keeps your iPad in a sturdy protective case.


Logitech Combo Touch review: One of the better options for your 12.9" iPad Pro
I like that the keyboard comes off.

Setting up and using the Logitech Combo Touch is straightforward. Once you put the case on the iPad Pro 12.9″ and connect the keyboard, you are good to go. You will be prompted to download the Logitech Control app, which is used to check for updates for the keyboard. The app does nothing more than that.

As for its performance, the Logitech Combo Touch feels excellent. The keyboard is comfortable to type on and feels almost like the Apple Magic Keyboard, but not the same. The trackpad is ample and accurate. I love that the trackpad is much larger than the Magic Keyboard trackpad, which is a big plus.

I like that the stand has a wide range of adjustability and that the keyboard can come off and leave your iPad with good protection. The keyboard and trackpad are very responsive, and that’s thanks to the Smart Connector. While most Bluetooth keyboards will work fine, having a direct connection to the iPad is just so much nicer.

Logitech Combo Touch review: One of the better options for your 12.9" iPad Pro
A strap or holder for Apple Pencil would be nice.

I love that you do not need to charge the Logitech Combo Touch. It is powered through the Smart Connector. That will impact your iPad’s battery life, but it’s insignificant. It would have been nice to have an extra USB-C connector like the Apple Magic Keyboard, but not a huge deal.

Overall, the performance and usability are good. There are some quirks and things I wish they would have added, but no device is perfect. The Apple Magic Keyboard has its issues as well.


The MSRP on the Logitech Combo Touch is US$229.99. Logitech currently has a sale, and the Combo Touch is marked down to US$183.99. Amazon is also running the same deal at the time of this review.

Wrap Up

Logitech Combo Touch review: One of the better options for your 12.9" iPad Pro
The USB-C port is narrow, and 3rd party cables may not fit.

I have been searching for an excellent keyboard case for my iPad Pro 12.9,” and frankly, there aren’t any. The Apple Magic Keyboard has some flaws, and it’s not perfect. But so does the Logitech Combo Touch. If I could somehow smash the two together, I think I would have an excellent keyboard case. As it stands right now, the Apple Magic Keyboard and the Logitech Combo Touch are my picks for the best iPad Pro 12.9″ keyboards on the market. I would recommend the Logitech over the Apple simply because of the price. It is far more affordable.

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