Apple-1 computer prototype sold for US$677K


Love them or hate them, Apple has been highly successful at what they do. But the company wasn’t always successful. It has seen its share of ups and downs, and it took many years to become the juggernaut it is today. The Apple-1 computer is the genesis of the entire thing.

The Apple-1 computer is what Steve Jobs used to demo his product to Paul Terrel, owner of the Mountain View, California computer store The Byte Shop. It was the Apple-1 computer orders that would give Jobs and Wozniak a leg up to start Apple Computer.

Since that day in 1976, Apple has seen its founder removed from the company and reunited with the company. It has seen the founders come to disagreement and intense competition between their internal teams. It has also seen its rise to prominence as one of the top makers of mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad. The Apple-1 computer was Apple’s first computer, and while the company still sells computers, its mobile division is a far more significant part of its business.

Apple-1 computer prototype sold for US$677K
The Apple-1 computer prototype

So it makes sense that some collectors would be interested in purchasing a piece of history and, according to NBC News, one California Bay Area collector did just that. The anonymous buyer made the final winning bid for the 1976 Apple-1 computer of US$677,196 and is now the owner of a piece of computing history.

While this piece of tech is useless now, some feel it essential to preserve such things, so we can trace technology back and see what today’s tech was born from. So I suppose it’s nice to have rich people who can afford such things.

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