10 healthcare tech advancements


Innovative minds are pushing healthcare tech advancements further every year. New ideas and methods are improving the quality of life and medical outcomes for patients all over the world. These healthcare tech advancements bring hope to the world of medicine and inspire further research.

1. Improved Medicine Delivery 

Each person responds differently to certain types of drugs, formulations, and methods of delivery. Personalized vitamins and other medications are available for topical application with a Thrive patch and can be absorbed over an extended period of time. This is a great option for people who have difficulty with pills or those who deal with dietary malabsorption challenges.

2. Health Data Communication Systems

Hospital data communication systems are undergoing constant fortification and updates. Doctors can share secure patient data across specialties and systems easily. Streamlined communication leads to more informed medical decisions and reduces the likelihood of preventable errors. This can also create better efficiency in busy clinics or admitted floor settings.

3. AI Diagnostic Assistance 

Artificial intelligence applications can help physicians to filter healthcare data and complete a thorough differential diagnosis. Medical AI learns from the data and outcomes that are recorded over time, improving the efficacy for future patients. Data such as current vitals and complicated medical histories can be compared to relevant research papers in a short period. This requires less human time and labor so that doctors and nurses can maximize their appointment time.

4. Wearable Wellness Trackers

New wearable biometric sensors are becoming popular. Blood sugar, sleep, and heart rate trackers collect data that patients and their doctors can use to adjust care plans. These trackers are typically applied to the skin with an adhesive, and some monitor real-time information from blood flow. Many trackers pair with mobile apps and can store data in between readings.

5. Remote Device Monitoring

Cardiac pacemakers and other implanted medical devices can now be monitored at home as part of a less invasive patient experience. This use of 5G technology enables greater mobility for active patients, as they can be monitored while traveling or at home. Doctors can easily contact patients when any remote readings seem to be abnormal.

6. Telemedicine

Virtual consultations and exams are part of the growing field of telemedicine. The option to schedule a remote video call appointment with their doctor is helping patients to address concerns expediently and stay on top of preventative measures. Some concierge medicine practices are primarily remote and offer flexible scheduling for working professionals and parents. Telemedicine licensing can restrict doctors from caring for patients over state lines, but efforts to erase barriers are gaining steam.

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Advancements in healthcare tech build upon each other and lead to better wellness for all.

7. Ingestible Sensors

Smart pills are equipped with sensors and cameras so that patients can undergo important testing and imagery without a need for anesthesia. These pills generally pass through patients with no issues and transmit the data to radiologists This is particularly relevant for gastrointestinal testing and essential screenings.

8. Smart Watch Health Data

Commercially available smartwatches can be ordered online and delivered directly to an individual’s home. Smartwatches from numerous manufacturers are specialized to track EKG data, sleep patterns, activity levels, and more. Of course, smartwatches also tell time and often connect to smartphones so that runners and cyclists can leave that bulkier item at home.

9. Digital Assistants 

Digital assistants help with scheduling, emails, calls, data organization, and important reminders. They are an excellent option for smaller family medicine practices and large hospital systems alike.

10. Nanomedicine

Supramolecular, molecular, and nuclear scale technology are on the cutting edge of medicine. Nanomedicine is being developed with the intention of creating precise diagnostic and treatment tools.

Advancements in healthcare tech build upon each other and lead to better wellness for all.

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